Speedy-fast writing update

My cup overfloweth with hamsters. Ergo, quick post.

Took the MARTA into town today to visit with glenn5 and to try to qualify for my dream editing job. I second-guessed myself into making the wrong call on three of the questions, which I just want to scream about now. I should’ve gone with my first knee-jerk instinct, dammit. Too anxious to blog about the details, but if I get this position, I shall be very, very happy. And if I stressed myself into bombing the qualifying test, I’m going to be very, very mad at myself. *twitch*


Writing Stuff

“Nobodies and Somebodies” is now up at Aberrant Dreams! Go read, yo!

– Payment from the fine Cricket folks for “The King of Rabbits and Moon Lake.”
– Ditto payment from Writing-World for my first column installment.
– 2 55-day rejections from Escape Pod with lotso personal bits to ease the wah.
– 2-hour sale (Nope, that wasn’t a typo. Two hours) to Escape Pod–or possibly its sister podcast, PseudoPod–of a reprint of “Returning My Sister’s Face.” I barely had time to log the submission before I got the acceptance back. Woohoo! Podcasty goodness!

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9 Responses to Speedy-fast writing update

  1. *soothe* *petpetpet*

  2. lizziebelle says:

    I just hate the post-interview second-guessing game. I’ve pretty much learned to trust my gut and go with my first instincts, but there’s always that gnawing feeling afterward that I said something wrong. Good luck!

  3. Am crossing fingers for dream editing job!!! 😀

  4. keesa_renee says:

    :hugsess: You’ll do fine, Eugie! You’re brilliant. Here’s crossed fingers (and crossed toes and crossed ankles and crossed eyes) that you get it!

  5. dionycheaus says:

    eek! you will get it! I know you will! ::hugsandfairydust::

  6. astralfire says:

    If you don’t get this job you should hire your self out to rewrite peoples bios. Can they be any more uninteresting? How about off topic? What do pets they had when they were 10 have to do with them being an actor or a writer? Could it hurt them to hit return when they get to the end of a thought? Don’t even get me started on formatting.

    Why is it that writers seem to be the worst ones?

    Sorry, OK rant over. I have been posting new bios all day and I am a little frazzled. for a samle of what I read today see http://aarondouglas.biz/bio.php I think it damaged my squigglyspooch

    FYI: You rock as an editor, you want me to go make sure they understand that?

  7. basletum says:

    Congratulations on the Pseudopod accept! And I’m sure you’ll get the editing job.

  8. terracinque says:

    I’m pretty sure the margin of error is wider than three questions. You’ll do fine.

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