Stem Cell Transplant: Day 9 (Day +2)

Now that the chemo regimen infusion is i done, I no longer need to be tethered to my IV stand.  I use it as a glorified charging station. But now side effects are beginning to level up.

Stomach is in a perpetual state of distress which makes the process of eating an unpleasant skirmish each mealtime: “You gotta!” “Don’t wanna! No!’

As a compromise, the hospital stocks Carnation instant breakfast and peach smoothes,, so I’ve been slamming down a lot of nutrients that way.

Eyes are blurry, making it hard to read my computer screen. Doctor says I might need new prescription glasses after this. Nurses think it’s likely something that will improve after hell week. We’ll see.

Aaand I have hiccups.


On an up note, the nurses and doctors share my philosophy of ” Don’t let the pain/discomfort ramp up.” So I have spent the last couple days in a bit of a soporific haze. Go drugs!

Related tangent: If you get an incoherent email, text, or comment from me, don’t try to puzzle it out; it’s the meds.

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6 Responses to Stem Cell Transplant: Day 9 (Day +2)

  1. Martin says:

    We are used to social media. You could probably write completely drugged up and still make more sense than i can find in most posts in my stream ;-).

  2. Damien says:

    Sounds like you’re being given a serum to make you a super-soldier!

  3. E Krock says:

    Here is my family’s home remedy for hiccups, which is 100% effective in my experience but admittedly hasn’t been tested after a stem cell transplant. 1) Have someone hold your ear flaps shut. 2) Inhale and hold your breath. 3) Swallow ten swallows of water while holding your breath while the person continues to hold your ears shut. 4) Do not talk for one minute afterwards.

    If you are in isolation and no one can plug your ears for you, it’s possible (but difficult) to do this alone, at least if your hands can stretch 12 notes on a piano like mine. You hold your ears shut with your thumbs and use the other fingers to balance the glass as you swallow.

    Hope this helps!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I don’t know how effective that’ll be against hiccups, but it sure sounds like huge belly laugh fodder. With pointing and giggling.

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