Survived the weekend. Almost a dead dog.

Dragon*Con is great. Having a fantastic time. Too much sugar and caffeine; not enough sleep. Technical and unforeseen difficulties abound–no Internet access in the Daily Dragon room, the 24-hour service for the copier not being 24-hour and running out of toner and having the @#$!^$ device perpetually jamming itself, one of my staff being stranded in Athens until Saturday due to the gas panic, voice torn to shreds from overuse, the hotel being obnoxious and wanting us to check out at noon sharp–but we managed. How? It’s a mystery. Had a wonderful time with Ann Crispin and my DC2K writers group, hanging out with Jason Sizemore, editor of Apex (and he bought me dinner!), meeting and greeting a slew of folks, and doing my panels. Saw a Serenity panel and got to meet Jewel Staite. Had a late night giddy-fest fueled by Pixie Stix and not much else. It’s all a blur, but wanted to get the highlights and lowlights down. Details and pictures to follow.

Still no word from Patrick. He was supposed to come here for both the convention and as one of fosteronfilm‘s staff, but he never showed up. I keep trying to push it to the back of my mind, because there’s nothing I can do about anything. But the worry is there, and periodically, I become incredibly anxious and terrified for him.

So tired. Just a few more hours, then it’s the Dead Dog party. Sleep will follow. Much sleep.

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2 Responses to Survived the weekend. Almost a dead dog.

  1. britzkrieg says:

    Still no word from Patrick.

    Have you checked the safe list?

  2. rigel_kent says:

    If he’s not on the safe list, send me his info (full name, last known address, known family etc) and I’ll see what my Ham Radio/Red Cross contacts can tell me…. there is a ton of ham radio activity with RC/Salvation Army/GA Baptists that are helping people locate others… so let me know

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