T minus two days

There are already Dragon*Con schedule changes. There are already schedule changes, dammit!! Agh!

Matthew made them and published them to the Daily Dragon website but it does not bode well that there are already updates. Cower.

Critters stats: 23 crits for “Only Springtime,” 11 for “Two Minds.” Acpth. *Bangs head* Need more feedback on “Two Minds” dammit! Serves me right for tossing two stories up at the same time.

The novel outline (no working title as the only thing I can come up with is terribly dorky) is actually coming along well. Much praise goes to my partner-in-crime, Matthew.

I’m hit by the urge to get cranking on the opening chapters. Maybe I will. Doubt I’d be able to get three chapters done before Dragon*Con, but I used to crank out more words in a single sitting when I was in graduate school, so anything’s possible.

Got a class note from Ann Crispin who indicated that the Advanced Workshop will be meeting from 9 to 1 on Saturday and Sunday. The published time on the Dragon*Con website is 10 to 1. Blink. I’ve sent her a reply to confirm. A little anxious about it. I scheduled six hours, not eight, to workshop. I’m going to be stretched tres thin as it is. Oh well. I don’t need to sleep. Sleep is for the weak. Or the dead.

I suddenly have an overwhelming desire for several shots of espresso.

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