Bucketful of Thank Yous for Mammoth-sized Help from…Everyone

I consider myself to be fairly cynical and jaded, but sometimes, people surprise me. Right now, I’m beyond surprised. I’m thunderstruck, bowled over, moved to tears–a lot of tears–by the immense outreach of support I’ve received from friends, colleagues, and complete strangers.

It’s humbling and uplifting, being the recipient of so much compassion and generosity. I keep trying to find some better, bigger way than “thank you” to express the huge, expansive feeling in my chest, come up with words large enough to encompass the magnitude of my gratitude and articulate enough to describe how much your support means to me.

And I am having utter and massive word fail–which, on the writerly front, is kinda dismal. But on the campaign to kick cancer’s butt front, I’m calling it a big win.

So: Thank You.

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4 Responses to Bucketful of Thank Yous for Mammoth-sized Help from…Everyone

  1. Scott Hancock says:

    Eugie, one day this trial will be in the past. The only thing we ask of you then, is to keep writing tales for us like the ones you already have, stories we will want our children to read one day. We all love you.

  2. Lynda says:

    You are a dear soul who deserves a hand when you desperatly need it. Kick butt girl!

  3. Anita Allen says:

    Accept that you are LOVED and that this message from you catalyzed people who simply hadn’t gotten around to it yet, to turn up and express that love. YOU are a beautiful person, an AMAZING writer and a true gift to all whose lives you have touched. Perhaps from this response you can begin to see just how great and wonderful an impact you have made on us all.

  4. Ruth DJ says:

    Are all of your books fantasy/science fiction and suitable for a teen/YA audience? Asian main characters? I’ll get them up on my website ASAP.

    I can’t promise that it’ll help with sales, it’s a small site, but all exposure helps in the long run.

    Hang in there and be blessed.

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