Week’s end. At last.

My god, I’m glad this week is finally at an end. You’d think after being on holiday for a week I’d be all rested and raring to go back to work, especially since I have tomorrow off. But this week has been interminable! Four-day weekend, rah.

We have no big plans, though. I’ll probably try to write, maybe accomplish some much-needed unpacking.

And hey, I just discovered via the Speculations Rumor Mill that the Dragon*Con website won the 2004 Wooden Rocket Award in the “Best Convention/Society Site” category. Cheers to the designer, dire_epiphany, and the webmaster, my hubby, Matthew!

Writing Stuff:

1.4K more words on the “Island Love Story.” Resigned that it’s going to end up a novelette at this rate. If it turns into a novella I’ll just stamp it “unpublishable” and strangle my muse.

Starting into the climax with two plot/resolution directions I could take it: my original vision, or a different, slipstreamy, twisty one that occurred to me in a caffeine fugue. I’m totally dithering on where to take this, to the point of seriously considering trying to write it both ways and seeing which one turns out better. Except I’m thinking that’s just not a good idea. It’s a major struggle to finish any story even once. Writing two parallel endings seems over ambitious, not to mention profoundly wishy-washy.

On the one hand, I like my original vision–it’s very modern magic/mythology. But I also like the idea that came to me in a fit of inspiration. I’m loathe to chuck away inspiration, but this second idea will be longer and more convoluted to write. And it might actually end up harder on the ole suspension of disbelief o’meter because of the twists in it.

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

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