Well . . .

As it turns out, I didn’t go to belly dance class after all. It was raining as I was coming home from work, and as it always does when the weather is the least bit inclement in these southern climes, it slowed the traffic down to a crawl. I get home with less than fifteen minutes to change into my dance clothes before I have to head out again. So I rush through the door, ready to haul ass big time, and a small bundle of fuzzy cuteness comes bounding off the couch, runs to me, overjoyed that I’m finally home, and proceeds to wiggle and wuffle in my arms with delight when I pick him up. Damn. Can I be heartless enough to abandon something so adorable, that’s so utterly thrilled to see me? Nope. No way in Hell.

So, I guess my hiatus from belly dancing is going to last another month and a half. Classes run in six-week sessions where a full choreography is learned in each session. Missing one class is like missing one sixth of the dance and the teacher doesn’t do make-up sessions.

Oh well. My activity level, aside from chasing or being chased by Hobkin around the great room, has dropped to an all-time low. Oddly enough, though, I continue to lose weight. It’s probably all muscle mass, dammit.

I set a goal for my writing this week. A thousand words (although more is all happiness and joy) a day. Day three and so far, I’m on track. Although I continue to need multiple cups of coffee in order to make my goal. But at this rate, I might actually finish something! *gasp*

Hmm. I’m decreasing my activity levels and I’m taking artificial stimulants regularly. Wonder when this’ll come back to bite me in the ass.

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  1. mouseferatu says:

    “As it turns out, I didn’t go to belly dance class after all.”

    Don’t have anything particularly fascinating to say. Just thought it amusing that you posted this on Wednesday, which is George’s dance class night as well.

    Actually, she’s a bit upset because there are very few performance opportunities for students in Austin–apparently the pros are very possessive of their turf here–and the one performance she was looking forward to is on the same weekend as GenCon. 🙁

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