Why Every Good Web Developer Has a Dev Platform

Just borked the PHP on my development site; waiting for my host to restart Apache. Sigh. I hate breaking things someone else has to fix.

All fixed! Almost the moment I hit send on my post, I got a note from our hosting peeps saying they’d restarted Apache for me.

Rah and hurray for (all-too-rare) speedy customer service and efficiency! It usually takes me longer trying to remember which email address is associated with our account in order to submit a ticket than it does for them to actually fix what I need them to fix. Although I’d rather if I could simply restart Apache on my own. But they—understandably—have it locked down so only they can manipulate Apache stuffs.)

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  1. yukinooruoni says:

    Hrm. I can see why they’d lock down changing the configs and such, but they should give you access to simply stop/restart the service. Or perhaps even restart (vs stop/start). that should be as simple as a button through your web-portal…

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