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Received a very nice, page long, personal rejection from Cricket with commentary on what didn’t work for them, as well as an oblique invitation to take another stab at the subject matter. But it wasn’t a rewrite request. Pook.

It’s more depressing getting a “no” from a place I’ve gotten several “yes”s from before. Also, I really liked this story.

Why is it always the ones that mean something to me that can’t find homes? Sigh.

Also received official notification from Phobos, at last, that my finalist story didn’t win their contest this year. Out it goes again.

And received word that Rain Crow has folded. No big surprise there. I’d sent them a reprint story to consider, so no biggie anyway. But it’s always sad when another one bites it.

Had Matthew first reader my novella. It is now at first draft stage. Also critiqued like mad on Critters yesterday to get an MPC. Don’t know if I’ll get it this week or next as this is a double week. If I get it this week I’m going to bump the novella up the queue. I’ll barely make my deadline, but I should still make it. If I get the MPC next week, I’ll just have to depend on extra-Critters critiques.

Debated whether or not to do a RFDR (request for dedicated readers). But with a word processor count pushing 20K, which is the lower limit, I decided I’d try a RFDR and see what happens. Never done one of those before.

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