Editing Editing Editing: Georgia Code

Elbow deep in Georgia code, only slightly more fun than a Brillo Pad to the eye. But at least I’m catching up on lotso podcast episodes. Page proofs and new supplement/volume checking is fairly mindless, ideal for sticking in headphones and savoring some fabulous audio fiction.

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2 Responses to Editing Editing Editing: Georgia Code

  1. spitgirl says:

    It’s funny how one’s background influences the interpretation of a phrase… coming from a software perspective, I was wondering what program “Georgia” was, and why you were reviewing the code.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hee! That’s particularly funny because after I wrote this post, I actually thought, “maybe I should replace ‘code’ with ‘law’ since I usually mean programming innards when I say ‘code’ on my blog.” And then I decided I was being too much of an editing/software geek and left it .

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