The Eugie Award

Eugie Foster

The Eugie Foster Memorial Award for Short Fiction (or Eugie Award) celebrates the best in innovative fiction. In 2017, this annual award will again be presented at Dragon Con, the nation’s largest fan-run convention.

The Eugie Award honors stories that are irreplaceable, that inspire, enlighten, and entertain. We will be looking for stories that are beautiful, thoughtful, and passionate, and change us and the field. The recipient is a story that is unique and will become essential to speculative fiction readers.

2017 Eugie Award Finalists

We are proud to announce the finalists for the 2017 Eugie Foster Memorial Award for Short Fiction:

Thank you to those who nominated works for 2017, including: John Joseph Adams, Mike Allen, Morris Allen, Scott H. Andrews, Neil Clarke, Ellen Datlow, Wendy S. Delmater, Charles Coleman Finlay, Niall Harrison, Emily Hockaday, Dominik Parisien, Trevor Quachri, Mike Resnick, Scott Roberts, Jason Sizemore, Lynne M Thomas, Sean Wallace, Sheila Williams, Navah Wolfe.

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The Award: The author of the selected work receives a plaque and a $1000 prize. All finalists receive a pin.

Eligibility: Original speculative short fiction of 20,000 words or fewer, published—including in print, ebook, or online, individually, or in a magazine, collection, or anthology—for the first time in the English language in the previous year (2016).

Our System: This is a juried award, that includes multiple visions and voices in a three tier system. This begins with the long list nominations coming from publishers and editors, acting in those roles, finding the works that shook the industry. We also have select readers to fill in any gaps, including non-traditionally published works. The second tier is our selection committee of spec fiction fans, reading as fans, to find what speaks to them while looking for stories that are timeless. Finally, a judging panel examines the finalists in depth to determine the Award recipient.

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Previous Year(s)

The Eugie Award was presented for the first time in 2016—for works published in 2015.

The 2016 Eugie Award recipient: The Long Goodnight of Violet Wild by Catherynne M. Valente

The finalists for the 2016:

Thank you to those who nominated works for 2016, including: John Joseph Adams, Mike Allen, Scott H. Andrews, Michele Barasso, Neil Clarke, Ellen Datlow, Charles Coleman Finlay, Niall Harrison, Emily Hockaday, Michael Kelly, Jonathan Laden, Mike Resnick, Scott Roberts, Edmund R. Schubert, Jason Sizemore, Jonathan Strahan, Lynne M Thomas, and Sean Wallace.

Our 2016 team included: Davey Beauchamp, Scott Hancock, Michael Fay, Amy Herring, Martin Leing, K. McLarin, Alasdair Stuart, Debbie Yutko. And our judges: Alex Hofelich, Rachael Jones, And Lisa Yaszek. Also thanks to Addy Neilson who made the pins and plaque.

Matthew M. Foster--Chair

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To contact us about the awards use ( eugieaward (at) eugiefoster (dot) com.

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