A slight re-direct

If you came here from Livejournal.us, please know that my journal has gone Friends Only to protect myself against the cyberstalker who runs that website.

Click HERE for more information and to see the few entries I’ve left public.

If you’re on my friends list, you can still read this re-located entry Here.

Comments here have been disabled in order to halt any further harassment by this cyberstalker. For the record, I have asked him several times to go away and leave me alone.

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11 Responses to A slight re-direct

  1. bigrob says:

    It’s always nice to read something well-written and thoughtful on LiveJournal. 🙂

  2. That guy would describe me, except for the high intelligence part.
    Can I email you some pics of me tonight?

  3. hey, I noticed you added me to your friends list and wanted to say hi. I also noticed on your webpage you had ferrets. LJ has a communtiy for Ferret lovers, didn’t know if you knew that or not. I have actually learned a lot from the community.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hi. Hope you don’t mind me sticking you on my friends list. We seem to have several mutual LJ friends and I saw that you kept ferrets. My husband and I are currently sans ferrets (our last one died in January) although we’re still utterly enchanted by the little fuzz heads. I can’t see a picture of one, much less a real live one, without wanting to pet it, coo, and otherwise make a nauseating spectacle of myself. My husband and I and have had ferrets living with us for the last eight or so years. We’re looking into getting a new fuzzy member of the family now.

      • No, I don’t mind you adding me to your friends list at all. I like meeting new people. You should get another ferret. They are just too cute to resist. I currently have two.

      • Man I love ferrets. I used to have two of them, a boy and a girl. They were neutered. ;).
        I noticed on your webpage that you had the same style of ferret cage as we did when we had ours. They died a few years ago.
        Anyway, hope you have a good day now

      • mouseferatu says:

        Well, since you’re adding people based on mutual interests, can I assume you have no problem with me adding you to my list? 🙂