Ankle. Ow.

So, okay, I’ve worn high heels for decades now–stiletto, stacked, platform, whatever–I like high heels; prefer them over flats. I can dance and run (in so much as I run at all these days) comfortably in high heels, never twisted an ankle or fell off them, even wore them in the mountains in Wyoming for Launch Pad (although, granted, I took extra care navigating the mountainous terrain in and around the observatory area). The one time I did sprain an ankle was in high school during P.E. class, when I was wearing athletic shoes–which I don’t wear now, as sneakers are obviously treacherous, dangerous footwear.

But on Friday, I was at my desk at work, and my foot fell asleep–just a little, not enough for me to really take notice of it. I got up to rinse out my coffee mug and my foot came down poorly with a mild ankle twist as I was standing. Nothing major, but unpleasant. Unfortunately, it didn’t respond properly when I tried to recover, being asleep, and worse, my 3″ heel had landed on the very slight unevenness between the clear plastic floor desk coaster and the carpet. My ankle twisted much worse, I heard something crunch, felt intense, jaggedy agonizing pain, and down I went.


At first, I thought I was going to need to call fosteronfilm to come get me from work; wasn’t sure if I’d be able to walk. But after the pain subsided enough for me to sit up, it wasn’t that bad. And I’ve only got the one intersection to walk to get to the MARTA station; it seemed silly and unnecessary to make him drive through Friday rush hour traffic. So I hobbled home, by which time my ankle had swollen, started turning pretty colors, and hurt fit to shout about.

So this weekend I spent reclined on the chaise with my foot elevated, putting ice on my @#%! ankle every other hour. I’m pretty sure I gave away or threw out the crutches I had from high school, but I’m also pretty sure I didn’t sprain my ankle as badly as that time. The elevation/ice/sedentary regime greatly reduced the swelling, and it doesn’t hurt as long as I don’t put undue stress on the ankle or let it turn.

It’s wrapped now, for support and to dissuade swelling, as this is the first time in 72 hours that it’s been lower than my hip. The walk from the MARTA station this morning wasn’t a problem. I did have to rummage through my closet for a pair of flat-heeled shoes. I wasn’t sure I owned any, but I found a pair of rarely worn sandals that I’d forgotten about. ‘Course, the reason they’re rarely worn is because they’re quite uncomfortable. Their tops are a mesh of knotted elastic straps, and the knots bite into my skin. I can’t wear them for long before I start getting painful welts across the tops of my feet. Sigh. Fortunately, I don’t need to do much moving around at work, and I don’t think folks are going to freak out if I pad around barefoot for a day or so. But also, on a wholly trivial note, they don’t go with many of my outfits . . .

I just hope I heal faster than I did in high school. It took me over a month to completely recover from that sprain. Then again, I suspect it didn’t help that I was a lot more active then, running around on it when I shouldn’t have. Plus, it was a worse sprain.

On an up note, no one was around to see my graceless flop at work. Although elemess saw the chagrined aftermath as I sat rubbing my ankle. Yay for maintaining a very small and bitty modicum of dignity. . .

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ouchy. Hope you feel better soon, and use this time to get lots of writing done. 🙂


    • sargent says:

      Yow, I hope that heals quickly and completely. Sprained ankles are no fun. And now I’m imagining you having to wait for the elevators in the Hyatt each and every time because your ankle is still not well.

  2. keesa_renee says:

    Oh, ouchie!! :shudders: I wish I were close enough to pop over and lend you some of my flats; that’s all I wear, so I’ve got lots of them. What size do you wear?

    Here’s hoping your ankle feels better soon!!

  3. Poor eugie. Feel better.

  4. klandaghicat says:

    My ankles are whinging in sympathy. I used to twist them all the time when I was younger. Riding English wasn’t good for them. I hope this time it heals faster for you.

    On a skunkie note: Please keep posting the sweet Hobkin piccies! I’ve been imaging them to the boys and am amazed at their response! Both boys are becoming more snuggley. Sammy’s even requesting hugs and scritches! He actually put his head on Terry’s lap for snugs. It’s so cool to see the changes, they’re not as food motivated.

  5. unquietsoul5 says:

    For the next time this happens

    From what I remember of my first aid training, ice on the ankle only helps for the first 1-2 hours immediately after the injury to reduce swelling/pain. If you waited until the next day your would have been better off with soaking it in a warm foot bath or wrapping it in a flexible support bandage.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: For the next time this happens

      From my memory of sprained ankle treatment, the thing to do is apply ice (every other hour for 15-20 minutes or so) for the first 48 to 72 hours to decrease the swelling and bruising. Heat should only be applied after that period . . .

      • unquietsoul5 says:

        Re: For the next time this happens

        Well it has been a number of years since my training…. and I haven’t sprained an ankle in nearly a decade, so I may be misremembering how long one applies ice vs warmth. (My last two ankle injuries were also prolonged problems as they involved falls and landing badly).

  6. yukinooruoni says:

    Couple things :

    1) make sure it’s *just* a sprain and not something worse. I think you’d know if it was a break, but make sure it’s not torn muscles or anything else.

    2) Want to go shopping for some new sandals? 😀 Seems like a perfectly good reason to go get one or two new pair 🙂 Plus, haven’t seen you in ages 😛

    • Eugie Foster says:

      make sure it’s *just* a sprain and not something worse.

      That was the first thing I checked for once the pain had subsided enough for me to manipulate my ankle. The initial injuring part hurt so bad that I was sure I’d pulled a muscle at the least, but it’s just unhappy ligaments–a mild sprain–thankfully. It can hold my weight and I’ve got full range of motion, and the pain isn’t much worse than a nasty bruise as long as I’m careful with it. Also, the swelling didn’t get any worse since I started putting ice on it, and it may even have gone down. No fear, I’m not one of those types of people who will put on a stoic face. If I’ve got reason to think I’m hurt bad, I holler “medic!” right quick.

      Want to go shopping for some new sandals? 😀 Seems like a perfectly good reason to go get one or two new pair

      I’d love to, but part of “being careful” with my ankle is staying off it. I can’t afford to re-injure it, especially this close to Dragon*Con. If I’m lucky, I’ll be fully healed by the time D*C rolls around, but only if I don’t put undue stress on it, stress like walking around stores and trying on shoes. Sigh.

      • yukinooruoni says:


        Well, if it’s still sore for D*C, we can get you a battlechair and equip it with spikey things, and a blunderbuss and other cannon-type things, and hoist the Jolly Roger over it for you 😀

  7. j_cheney says:

    RICE—Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. (My brother’s a doctor, and he says that’s the best thing for the first 24 hours.) Heat can come later.

    I hope you feel better soon. I’m always breaking little foot bones, so I can sympathize…

  8. shaolingrrl says:

    Owie owie owie! Ooo, take care of it!

  9. arkady says:

    Youch. That sounds intensely painful! Are you sure it’s just a sprain and not something more serious? (I have my fingers crossed it’s just a sprain!)

    Arnica cream is excellent stuff; the homeopathic preparation of arnica (30C) is even better. I highly recommend it.

    Oh, I’ve a question I’ve been meaning to ask; are there any writing communities – on or off LJ – that you’d recommend in terms of offering serious constructive criticism and advice on writing? A friend was asking me earlier and I figured you’d be a good person to ask.

  10. aimeempayne says:

    I inherited little twig ankles from my grandfather, and have suffered numerous sprains.

    Even if it seems healed by Dragon*Con you might want to get an inexpensive, drug store, ankle brace to wear during the con. Not too tight, though. Blue toes are not happy toes.

    I hope it feels better soon.

  11. dean13 says:

    Ouch! I wish you a speedy recovery.

    If you wore sensible shoes this wouldn’t have happened. Something sensible like knee high stiletto boots! Then again, if had word knee high boots you probably would have sprained your knee instead, or worse.

  12. mtfay says:

    Ankles – the #1 enemy of walking

    You have received tons and tons of advice (RICE being what I’d have told you too). Even after you think the swelling is gone, you should keep it elevated as much as possible for the next couple weeks. And Aimee’s suggestion of the ankle brace isn’t a bad one. But you won’t have an easy time finding one that will fit in most of your shoes.

  13. A similar thing happened to me in June, though I was walking down stairs and twisted/fell. Luckily, no one witnessed the embarrassing moment.

    On the plus side it only took about a week to heal enough to only be a bit of a bother.

    On the down side, it still pangs a bit when I swim or sit cross-legged, which means I likely did some tendon damage.

    Good luck with your recovery.

  14. basletum says:

    Ouchy. Having high arches, I’m prone to ankle sprains, so I know exactly how much they hurt. Of course, I’ve sprained my ankles so often that I hardly even notice when I do it anymore.

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