Another first

I keep pinching myself, but I don’t appear to be asleep.

I just got an email from the new editor of a pro-paying e-zine. She read and critiqued one of my stories on Critters. She was writing to ask me if it had been published yet because she really liked it.

Gluh? Editors of pro-paying publications are soliciting me for fiction now? Wha?

As it turns out, the story in question is currently being considered at another market, but I told her if they pass on it, I’ll send it her way.

Still pinching myself. *ouch* And yep, still awake.

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10 Responses to Another first

  1. jenwrites says:

    Holy shit! That’s amazing news!

  2. oracne says:

    See, all that work is paying off!

  3. reudaly says:

    DANG! You go girl! That *is* the next major step – having them come to you.

  4. fin9901 says:

    woo hoo! congrats!

  5. mouseferatu says:



    *lob, lob*

    *lob, lob, lob, lob, lob, lob, lob, lob, lob, lob*

    That is all.


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