Another sale to Cricket!

I just sold my African-flavored folktale “Razi and the Sunbird” to Cricket! This is the other rewrite I was waiting on, and it was definitely worth all the twitches!

Oo, dizzy now from all the exuberance. But happy!

Oh, and I got a reject from Space & Time with a scrawled handwritten line of encouragement on it, but it’s a little overshadowed . . .


That’s four sales to the Carus publishing group and my third sale to Cricket!

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8 Responses to Another sale to Cricket!

  1. kittymel says:

    Hell Yes – You Rock!

  2. jenwrites says:

    Huzzah! Congrats!

    Oh, and it’s also good to know that S&T is reading slush. When did you send that piece in? I have a submission that’s hitting the 100 day mark.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      The one I got a response on was only after 16 days. I have another one there which is creeping up on the 100-day mark too. Concerned that the older one had gotten lost, I queried on it and got a “wait another month or so and ask again if you haven’t heard from us” reply. So they are reading their slush, but I didn’t actually get a confirmation that they’d received the older story. Sigh.

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