Anyone want a Vulva Puppet?

Ganked from ursalav. I just had to spread the “Oh. My. God.” Wondrous Vulva Puppets. Don’t forget to check out the gallery.

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10 Responses to Anyone want a Vulva Puppet?

  1. stephsw says:

    Hahaha! Oh…my!

  2. aimeempayne says:

    It’s a shame they don’t make a vulva throw pillow.

  3. mkhobson says:

    You just had to … um … spread them?

    Your choice of words is choice.



  4. nmsunbear says:

    Wow. And I thought the Cthulhu puppet we just got as a gift was unusual. 🙂

  5. matociquala says:


    You know, I saw those–or their forbears–at a women’s music festival in upstate NY in the early 80’s.

    They were very soft.

  6. amokk says:

    A while back in was the idiots with “vulva jewelry” and “vulva purses”.

    Puppets? Passe`.

  7. affinity8 says:

    You know, sometimes I come across something and think, “My goodness! I could have thought of that.”

    But this, no. I would never have thought of vulva puppets. And only $300!! A bargain!

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