Bad coffee day

We use premium coffee ’cause we like our coffee flavored and candy-like. Aside from the tasty aspect of expensive coffee, another benefit is that usually you can leave it out overnight in the pot and it doesn’t turn bitter. Usually. Last night I brewed a full pot o’coffee, and had about a third of it remaining after Kristin left, so this morning I took some to work with me. Yuck. I couldn’t put in enough sweetener or creamer to get rid of the bitterness. Time to put the coffee maker through a vinegar cycle, I suspect.

So, did I dump it out and eschew my caffeine fix for the day? Of course not. I drank vile coffee. And I drank it fast so I wouldn’t have to taste it. *twitch* Suffice it to say, this whole “weaning” off the caffeine isn’t working.

In better news, lo and behold, it is no longer Monday, and voila, my program ran. ‘Course it didn’t give me the output I expected it to, but it wasn’t fiery shrapnel winging through the air anymore. Progress.

Writing stuff:

Haven’t written any new words in several days. Have the urge to pummel my muse with a two-by-four for being such a flighty strumpet! No, wait, I didn’t mean that. Nice musie, sweet musie.

The Chinese zombie/afterlife concept is on hold until I can come up with a decent plot. I’ve got a vague idea for a high fantasyish/virtual reality fusion piece, sort of a cyberpunk meets Legend story. I’m giving it some time to percolate in my little head, and then I’ll see if I can scribble out an outline or synopsis. What I’ve got is too complicated and disjointed for me to just start on without more prep.

In the mail:

Form “didn’t work for me” from Alchemy and
“This story is actually too similar to one I’ve already published” from Challenging Destiny. Sigh. At least it was a personalized note.

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5 Responses to Bad coffee day

  1. Course it didn’t give me the output I expected it to, but it wasn’t fiery shrapnel winging through the air anymore

    Heh.. sounds like my day.

  2. ex_girlmech says:

    It is not possible to kick a caffeine addiction. I have tried too many times to count. However, I sympathise.

  3. t_rex says:

    Have you tried adding decaf to the regular in gradually increasing proportions? That way you don’t have to give up the habit of drinking coffee while you fight to give up the caffeine itself.

  4. I find it hard to wean myself off of coffee specially when there’s Irish cream in it. Hmm, love it. I sometime drink coffee if I need to stay up to study or maybe sometime, just for the heck of it. I occassionally drink coffee every now and then.

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