Bubba Ho-Tep and writing

Here I am again, awake at an ungodly early hour on the weekend. Typical.

Watched Bubba Ho-Tep yesterday. Matthew and I are of the opinion that it sprang into existence from an unnatural union of alcohol, a brain storm session with Bruce Campbell cracking everyone up with his “aged Elvis” impression, and someone saying “Wouldn’t it be funny if . . .?”

It was fun and quirky, but I feel no need to see it again.

Writing Stuff:

1.4K on the “Island Love Story.” It’s officially a novelette now. I decided to go with my original concept. I’m heading into the homestretch. There’s a flashback in it. Usually I try to avoid flashbacks, but this one seems unavoidable. Eek.

Going to brew some tea, curl up with my laptop, and see if I can’t finish this over the weekend.

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9 Responses to Bubba Ho-Tep and writing

  1. davidbain says:

    “Bubba Ho Tep” is an old Joe Landsdale story. Go Joe!

  2. cmpriest says:

    it sprang from a short story Joe Lansdale was invited to contribute to a collection of “Elvis lives” tales a few years ago (i watched the DVD extras). and i loved it, and will sing its praises, but if you merely *liked* it … well … i guess i can forgive you 😉

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I’m actually intrigued enough to seek out the short story. While I was watching it, the thought popped up that this felt like material coming from a short . . .

      Plus the idea of an “Elvis Lives” anthology makes me grin.

  3. reudaly says:

    I know Joe – though I haven’t been able to get my copy yet, I feel deprived – and Joe is one weirdly wired dude. His brain is just in that overly caffienated, alcoholed, weird place.

    I love him!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Perpetually caffinated and sozzled. What a lucky, lucky writer!

      • reudaly says:

        Yes. He is. He’s also the kind of writer you can go up to and say “Your books warped my brain!” and he’ll pretty much buy you a drink.

        I impressed a couple of my writer friends when I first started out in the convention circuit by holding my own in a conversation with Joe and a couple of other equally weird guys. Or was it frightened?

  4. fahkingnut says:

    Being a son of Memphis and a fan of Bruce Campbell, I absolutely loved it!!! You do have to wonder if Joe didn’t play like Mad-Libs with a d20 and an issue of Time magazine as the source.

    Love & Hugs,

  5. I have one of those weekend sometime too. Try drinking “camomile tea” at night. And perhaps add a “melatonin” to it (you can buy them in pills at a drugstore)…then see if that works. Gosh, I hope you get some sleep sometime…

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