Bunny Ears Hat from Anime Noms

So I got my bunny ears hat from Etsy (via Anime Noms). I ordered this to stay warm and comfy in style after chemo hair loss, and I love it so much, I’m wearing it around the house right now.


I specially ordered it to have a black headband and also smaller, so it’ll fit snugger. I corresponded with the Anime Noms folks to let them know why I needed it a little smaller, and they were so nice. When I got my order, they included a special gift: a bunny ears head band for when my hair comes back. These folks are awesome.

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5 Responses to Bunny Ears Hat from Anime Noms

  1. That is amazingly cool!

  2. Martha Linbo-Terhaar says:

    What a delightful thing for them to do!

  3. Nichole says:

    Yeah they are really cool people. I always hit them up when at cons an I they are really good with requests. I have had two hats and a set of ears and tail made by them. I bet if they read this they know who I am.

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