Call me Eugie-the-Lemming

Okay, dammit. I did the “How compatible are you with your LJ friends?” quiz thingy. Here’s the results, but I insisted upon putting the damn thing behind a cut:

charleseb 103%
lethebasii 102%
tk0667 102%
kafkonia 102%
britzkrieg 102%
debgirl001 100%
redwitch 100%
alladinsane 99%
grendel317 98%
girlmecha 98%
wicked_wish 98%
xxsuigenerisxx 97%
sythyry 97%
soyfaerie 97%
melonaise 97%
arkady 97%
glenn5 97%
missrachael 95%
cantstopthedawn 95%
martinhesselius 95%
katchan 95%
dragonbabylisa 95%
laffinggod 92%
emuko 92%
fin9901 91%
leto_lapin 91%
dwivian 89%
valiskeogh 87%
zoloft 87%
dude_the 87%
alladinsane 86%
quasiskunk 86%
humblepie 86%
velvetfaery 84%
mery_bast 84%
fahkingnut 83%
tluv707 82%
bardiva 81%
leadensky 81%
jagnightwalker 80%
sylphon 77%
How compatible with me are YOU?

And hey, alladinsane, how come you’re on my list twice?

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13 Responses to Call me Eugie-the-Lemming

  1. alladinsane says:

    Not sure either how I managed that…maybe I needed a second chance?

    Seriously have no idea why I came up 2…hopefully its not cause I’m so big I take up 2 spots…

  2. britzkrieg says:

    102%, Baby! I don’t have many “friends,” but here are my stats.

    eugie 102%

    miyuko 73%

    How compatible with me are YOU?

  3. kafkonia says:

    102% compatible…

    Super-saturated compatibility seems dangerous — like it could result in some sort of explosion.

  4. tk0667 says:

    Muwhahahaha!!!!! 102%

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Wait isn’t that my line? Mwahahahaaa! Hmm. Maybe not. Dang.

      You’ve won this day, but just you wait. I’ll get you and your little dog too!

      Uh. Sorry, I think I’m a little loopy . . .

  5. laffinggod says:

    What’s really strange is that on mine, you are the highest rated female on the list. And you’re still tenth. Not sure if that should scare me or not lol

  6. terracinque says:


    Does that mean I could accept a kidney transplant from you?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Considering the state of my physiology, I don’t think you’d want any of my various organs in a medical emergency. If one of my kidneys were transplanted it would probably explode!

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