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Feeling a bit woozy. I’ve been in so much pain with my TOS this week that I was willing to put up with the allergic symptoms of the Clonazepam in order to get a bit of relief. As it turns out, I don’t think I’m allergic to it after all. I took it on Friday and last night, and I don’t appear to be reacting badly to it. Coolness. The pain’s better too. Although I feel it still there, waiting in the wings.

Our Buffy Season 4 DVDs came on Friday! Yesterday was a huge Buffy vid fest. Watched episodes one through thirteen straight through, only pausing to make dinner and chase Hobkin around the house. Tonight: episodes fourteen through twenty-two. Season four really rocked. When I compare it to season six or seven, I’m left scratching my head wondering what the hell happened. Was Joss just stretched too thin to give Buffy the quality attention it needed?

Haven’t done any writing this weekend. Trying to give my hands and arms a rest. But there’s a story beginning to percolate in my head. I’m waiting for it to coalesce a little more before trying to get it out. Right now I’ve got a character, a mood, and a world, and bits and pieces of plot. But the bits of plot are really fragmented. And I think there’s a theme I want to explore, but I’m not sure how it ties in.

I don’t usually write like that, but for some reason, that’s how the story is taking shape. Maybe it’s because of what I’m reading. Right now I’m in the middle of Greg Bear’s Slant. Bear has a very dense style that is both off-putting and intriguing. I like his world building but I’m not all that ga ga about his characters. It’s a strange read for me. I, like most readers I imagine, prefer to fall in love with a character and then experience their world and adventures from their POV. I feel like I (or Bear) am (is) going about this completely backwards. I don’t care that much about the characters, but the world and what’s happening is way cool. Whatever works, I guess.

We’ve been picking a bumper crop of wild blackberries from the sprawling brambles in our backyard. I don’t know how many we’ve harvested–enough for three desserts of vanilla ice cream and blackberries, plus the first bowl with just sugar. Am amazing amount of berries for plants that sprang up veritably overnight and that we haven’t watered, weeded, or fertilized. I love having wild blackberries growing in our backyard!

And Comcast’s “merger” with AT&T’s broadband Internet service impacts us on Monday. That’s the day when they’re switching all our email from to and our homepage URL to They say they’ll be moving our web pages for us and will automatically redirect from our attbi URL. I’m more than a little anxious about how smooth this transition will be. Crossed fingers that this will buck the norm of being a lunatic fiasco.

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  1. dude_the says:

    Worlds v. Characters

    While I’d say I prefer to have good characters, I’ve read and enjoyed many a story for a good setting in spite of the wooden characters. Of course, the best example I can come up with of this–though not a book–is Star Wars, but you see the same kind of thing in Jack Vance’s “Dying Earth” and most of the Asimov and Clarke stuff I’ve read.


  2. I love wild blackberries, I wish I have something like that in my backyard too or I’ll be making pies all day long. 😀

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