Cover Mock-up of Returning My Sister’s Face

I woke up this morning before my alarm went off with Hobkin a warm, fuzzy lump curled up at my shoulder and fosteronfilm a warm, less-fuzzy lump beside me. I lay in the pre-dawn darkness listening to them breathe, amused that at first I couldn’t tell which breath-sound belonged to husband and which to skunk. Eventually, I determined that Matthew’s breathing was the deeper, slower of the two and Hobkin’s breathing had a little snuffle-hitch at the end of each exhalation—plus he was closer to my ear. It was very peaceful.

‘Course then my alarm went off, and I had to emerge from the toasty covers and into the frigid air. But I’ve managed to keep a bit of the early AM tranquility with me—which is fortunate, ’cause holy Jeebus is it cold outside!


Writing Stuff

Received the cover mock-up for the ARC of Returning My Sister’s Face from Norilana, and omigod it’s fabulous. Shiny, shiny cover:

The ARC is off to the printers, and I’ve been compiling a list of places to pass along to Vera as suggestions to send it to. Feels kinda weird to find myself in the opposite role than my usual one of review material recipient (for The Fix).

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8 Responses to Cover Mock-up of Returning My Sister’s Face

  1. Two things. One, I have met both the fuzzwit and the hubby. He is not THAT much less fuzzy. And two, that cover is awesome. 🙂


  3. cdennismoore says:

    Cover’s awesome. Remember me when the review copies start going out. 🙂

  4. Very nice cover, indeed.

    And it’s pretty darned cold here, too!

  5. That’s an amazing cover. Putting this on my book wishlist 🙂

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