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As a memorial to the wonderful stories SCI FICTION has provided us in its six-year run, David Schwartz (snurri and snurri.blogspot.com) is putting together an appreciation at edsfproject.blogspot.com for each and every one of the over 300 works it has published. Not only is it an accolade to truly outstanding fiction from a truly outstanding publication, but the hope is that it will be noticed by those who made the decision to end SCI FICTION‘s run. He’s calling all writers, editors, and lovers of speculative fiction–anyone and everyone who has read and enjoyed these stories–to pick one, sign up for it, and write a piece to honor it. I call dibs on M.K. Hobson’s (bricoleur) “Hell Notes.”

I urge you–yeah, I’m talking to you–to add your name and words of appreciation to the list. (And if you’re one of my Tangent reviewers reading this, you really need to contribute–it’s not an editorial decree, but it is definitely a plead.)

Also, Pat Cadigan, among others, is urging people to write to Scifi.com at feedback@scifi.com, asking them to reconsider their decision to close SCI FICTION.
Tips from Pat (if you take the link to read her full comment, it’s about 4/5ths of the way down the page):

“A few tips: hold the insults and obscenities. They don’t read past the first one and they figure you’re a crank. Also, threats never to visit the site again probably won’t impress them. Instead, emphasize the vital part that written sf plays–after all, there would be no sf field and no SciFi Channel without it. The sf field is one of those things created by writers and readers, not by movies and TV shows. The movies and TV shows sprang from the written word.

“Another tip: remind them of Ellen Datlow’s accomplishments. In the past, she has brought a lot of major writers to broader notice–people like William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. She has edited people like Joyce Carol Oates, Ruth Rendell, and Robert Silverberg.

We’re a community–fans, writers, and geeks of SF. Let’s make our voices heard! It also wouldn’t hurt to cross your fingers, click your heels, and pray to Yog-Sothoth.


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  1. zarq says:

    I’m planning on linking to this post a little later today. You’ve been so eloquent here… do you mind if I quote the SciFiction portion of your post in its entirety as well as link?

  2. time_shark says:

    I signed up for a couple. Thanks for the notice.

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