Dude_the okay, Apex interview

Got a phone call from dude_the late last night. He was in an accident on his way home from work. His air bag deployed, his car was totaled, but he’s okay. He said he’s got a couple burns from the air bag, and he’s surprised his glasses didn’t break. Apparently they came off when the air bag went, but they withstood the impact. Both him and the other guy were checked into the hospital and were released. The hospital people want dude_the to come back in for a follow-up, but the important thing is that he’s okay–alive, nothing broken, and no head trauma.

Writing Stuff

Got an email from Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest. They want to interview me for their Summer issue. Of course I said “yes.” My first interview!

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9 Responses to Dude_the okay, Apex interview

  1. Whoa! Glad he’s okay!

  2. mroctober says:


    … seems like I’m going to have to start asking you for some career advice.

  3. tstauffer says:

    Wow, Eugie. An agent and then an interview. You go, girl! 🙂

  4. dionycheaus says:

    I am muchly sympathetic for dude_the’s car accident. I know how that feels. I’m surprised too that his glasses were not broken–when it happened to me, both my and my friends’ glasses were snapped completely in half. And we got bruises on our chests from our bras. Maybe bra manufacturers don’t think about that.

    Anyway, much good juju for him squeezing every nickle he can out of the insurance company, and very good dreams. And bonus for the interview! Do you think they’re going to talk to you about your horror stuff, and what will you talk about if they do (’cause you’ve been kicking so much butt with this fantasy and novel stuff lately…) ?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Yeah, I hope he wrings every benefit he can from his insurance. His car was totally paid for and everything before the accident. When my Accord was totaled several years back, it took us much wrangling and arguing for them to agree to pay what my car was worth to properly replace it.

      Do you think they’re going to talk to you about your horror stuff, and what will you talk about if they do

      In the email, the interviewer said he’d focus on “Tangent Online, your writing, your projects, and your aspirations” so I expect the questions to be fairly broad in scope. The trick will be to come up with clever, intelligent answers . . .

      • dionycheaus says:

        practice makes perfect and all that. if you can get your hands on interviews this reporter has done before, or even other interviews this magazine has published, it stands to reason the questions and format might be similar. I’m starting to think saying cool sound bytes has more to do with having a theme and sticking to it, like politicians, rather than memorizing answers beforehand. good luck!!

  5. sonnydenbow says:

    Glad to hear is okay. Being a glasses wearer myself, I’ve wondered how glasses and airbags get along. Glad to hear his survived, a little more concerned that ‘s didn’t. Oh, well. Guess I’ll find out for myself if the day ever comes.

    Wow, congrats on the interview! Next stop – Letterman!!!

    • dionycheaus says:

      it actually worked out quite well for me, twoish years ago: the insurance covered glasses too, because basically we weren’t hurt at all except for the glasses, so I just went and had an eye exam and picked out a new pair. And my glasses hadn’t been of exquisite quality, in any case. I’m sure any new-fangled alloy types would fare just fine; the glasses worn by my friend were a hard plastic frame.

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