Early morning insomnia and “Attack of the Clones”

Argh. I hate insomnia. I am way too awake for how early it is and how little sleep I’ve had. Dammit.

But, on an up note, Matthew and I went to see Attack of the Clones last night. Yes, theater full of children, but they were much better behaved en masse than the children from Hell we had sitting behind us at Spider-Man. The single adult male sitting in the seat beside me though, well, he was kind of weird. He kept talking to the screen. Loudly. Better than being kicked in the back, I guess.

However, despite my misgivings and my expectations to the contrary (and many reviews I’ve stumbled upon even with my best efforts not to), I liked AotC. Okay, the writing blew goats. And, err, so did the acting. The number of cosmic coincidences necessary for the plot to carry itself along is best glossed over. The Anakin/Amidala romance was completely contrived and unbelievable. And it’s pretty damn obvious where Luke got his whininess. But I liked Ewan McGregor. And despite the fact that the man can’t write or apparently direct, Lucas makes cool special FX. The planetscapes, the battles, the alien critters! Much that was shiny for me to oooh at gives AotC my snort of approval.

[Itty bitty teeny weeny spoiler alert–but only if you’ve been going around with your head stuck in a box about Episode II]
I’m also amused that the evil count must be a ferret. After all, with a name like “Dooku”, he’s gotta be at least part ferret. (For those of you not familiar with ferretkind, when they’re excited or happy the sound these usually silent animals make is “dook dook”.) I also loved the duel between Dooku and Yoda. 70-year-old man and CGI muppet duking it out with lightsabers. Woohoo! But if you think about it, Frank Oz has been around muppets since the early 60’s so it should’ve been old hat for him.
[/spoiler alert]

So yah. The movie had way many flaws–most of them right in the middle of the film when you start to notice that your butt’s been sitting on an uncomfortable theater non-cushion for an hour–but it makes up for it by sheer shiny wowness.

Fun fun.

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2 Responses to Early morning insomnia and “Attack of the Clones”

  1. You were lucky with your Attack of the Clones experience

    If you have read my latest journal entry, you will know what I am talking about.
    I agree with you on the writing in the movie being very wooden. Lucas just does not know how to write good dialouge(sp?). But he does know his F/X.

    If I had to call the 2002 movie season anything, The year of fanboy would say it all. I mean, we got comic book movies, sci-fi franchise movies, and we still have fantasy franchise movies coming out in the winter. So all in all, its been a good year. Not to mention that Wizards of the Coast finally a decent set of Star Wars RPG rules. This I am truly happy about.

    Anyway, I hope you have a good day

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: You were lucky with your Attack of the Clones experience

      WotC is still putting out RPG stuff, hey? I lost touch with them and what they were doing when I kicked my Magic: the Gathering habit. Damn money sink pit. Last I’d heard they’d been sucked up by Hasbro, but that was during that vile Pikachu fad.

      They showed the Matrix II teaser trailer at AotC. Now that looks like it’ll be all glitterful and shiny!

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