Feeling peaceful

Matthew’s asleep in the bedroom, looking quite charming all nestled in with the pillows, and Hobkin’s curled up on my lap, occasionally stretching his paws out in a stretch, skunk-purring, or otherwise doing cute. I’m taking a break from a critique-a-thon for Critters to write this LJ entry; I always try to earn an MPC every time I use one so I’ve got one in reserve in case of “emergencies” (I don’t know what an “emergency” critique situation is, but I use my MPCs regularly, so hey, six down, four to go). And I’m playing some Sting-does-jazz on the computer speakers.

Three stories written and in various states of polish in short order, Matthew on the mend, work a distant Monday morning concern, sleeping skunk oozing tranquility on my lap. For the first time in weeks, I actually feel relaxed, unstressed, basically at peace with the world. Ahhhh. Or should I say “ohmmmm”?

This is nice. I need to get more “nice” moments going on.

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