Skunk mayhem and writing progress

This morning, after a HUGE breakfast, Hobkin was greatly interested in playing a game of “pounce on feet.” My feet. Or rather my legs. My hose clad legs. I have since discovered that it is impossible to dissuade a young skunk who is intent upon playing a game of “pounce on feet” and am now down a pair of thigh-highs. Sigh.

Sent off “When Shakko Did Not Lie” into the marketplace. *wave wave* Be brave little story.

First draft of “Only Springtime” completed at 6300 words. Going to go through it one more time before passing it off to my first reader and then up to Critters it goes.

Received three critiques from my DC2K writers group on “Voices of Innocents” one of which really made me sit up and go “hmmm.” It’s up on Critters now, but I’m thinking about going ahead and beginning my revisions on it from that one critique.

I appear to have a truce going with my muse. It’s such a relief to be writing productively again. That dry spell was really getting annoying.

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