Finding Neverland

I hardly saw fosteronfilm at all this weekend. He’s been kept hopping by the Atlanta Film Festival and it continues all this week. I volunteered to help out too at some point, but I can’t remember when. I’m hoping they’ll call me to remind me. I also told Matthew that if he finds a volunteer schedule to look me up. But it seems like a terribly disorganized event. I mean, there are certainly some communication breakdowns and logistics snafus at Dragon*Con, but in comparison, Dragon*Con looks like a military outfit.

Watched Finding Neverland. It reminded me muchly of Shakespeare in Love, except without the sex. Johnny Depp did a respectable job. ‘Course it doesn’t hurt that I think he’s drool-worthy. Although I have a hard time now not thinking of him as Captain Jack Sparrow, and therefore I kept expecting his James Barrie to wobble drunkenly and slur his speech. It did make me want to re-read Peter Pan. But, horrors of horrors, we don’t seem to have a copy of it in the library. Now that’s just wrong. I’m not sure how that could have happened. I’m due for a trip to the public library, but it seems bizarre that we don’t have a copy of that classic in the house. Hmph.

Writing Stuff

21-day pass from Escape Pod on a reprint, with invite to try again. They said it was a near thing, but they’d been getting too many robot comedies. Feh, I sez.

I got name pimpage! Jeremy Minton mentioned me along with Carl Fredrick in his Slush Survivor interview with JJA of F&SF. At this rate, it’s probably the closest I’ll get to publication by F&SF, so I’ll take what I can get. Jeremy’s a fellow Critter. Made his first pro sale to them, proof that it can be done.

I saw that I’m on Nowa Fantastyka‘s website now. In Polish. I can’t read Polish. These are the folks who are buying reprint rights to my story “All in My Mind” so, with the help of a couple online Polish-to-English dictionaries, I’m pretty sure it’s a “coming soon, stories by” blurb. But I sure would like to know what “W numerze między innymi” means and whether there’s any mention as to what issue I can expect my story to appear in. Anyone on my flist read Polish?

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18 Responses to Finding Neverland

  1. terracinque says:

    I hardly saw at all this weekend.

    But I saw him yesterday!

  2. I loved ‘Finding Neverland’! That Johnny Depp is so versatile.

    ~Maggie 🙂

  3. mystrys says:


    Try a translation site?? I use this one (for some reason my website is popular in France and I find mention of it on a lot of french sites).. I think it may work for polish..

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Translations..

      Babelfish is the first place I tried, but they don’t have a Polish option. I then tried a couple Polish-English online dictionaries, which gave me a few words, but weren’t comprehensive enough to translate the page, much less the whole site. Then I gave up, argh. But I appreciate the suggestion!

      • mystrys says:

        Re: Translations..

        No Problem – I figured you’d already tried some of those but I wanted to help if possible – :)!

        See ya at DragonCon!! -Mystrys

  4. tripper says:

    Fong and I were there on Saturday. He was a cameraman on “Damn Good Dog”.

  5. keesa_renee says:

    I wish I could help, but Polish isn’t one of my specialties…I have a friend who can say ‘penguin’ in Polish, though. Would that help? :-p

  6. mtfay says:

    I really must be the only person in the world who hates Peter Pan. In some ways, that’s moderately disconcerting. Of course, I hated the Frank Baum books too, so it’s not like I am mainstream or pedestrian in my tastes…But I don’t understand why people like these irritating stories about awful children. Sigh.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Actually, I cringe having to admit this, but I’ve still never read the Oz books by L. Frank Baum. After seeing the Judy Garland movie over and over (and over and over) again, any interest in reading the book sort of evaporated. But then I heard they were actually really dark, and that piqued my interest, but I never got around to doing anything about it.

      • mtfay says:

        I read the first two books. There’s several more. I didn’t think they were particularly dark. Most of the Tanith Lee stuff I was reading at the time was darker. A lot darker. But Dorothy was so…horrible. Such an awful child. I’d have strangled her in a minute. Then again, I rooted for the wicked witch of the west too.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Heh, well depending upon the Tanith Lee books, I would certainly expect them to be darker than any of the Oz books. A lot of her stuff is really, really not intended for children. Although, of course, she also writes books aimed at a YA audience, like her Unicorn and Wolf Clan series.

          I’m really fascinated and reassured by how diverse her audience is. She writes really gritty horror with extreme, darkly erotic overtones, and she also writes amazing children’s lit. It can be done, and done oh-so-well. Hurray!

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