Forsaken by the caffeine god

Slept nearly twelve hours straight last night. Good lord, I’m sleeping my life away. Been trying to cut down on the caffeine, but not at that price. Probably on a related note, I’m in a less-than-ecstatic state of mind, today. No reason, just brain blues. I thought a caffeine OD would be just what I needed to shake off the blahs, but I couldn’t seem to get enough in my system to have any sort of effect. I had a whole pot of green tea and two cups of coffee, and nothing. The caffeine god hath forsaken me! Wah!

Writing Stuff:

Finished my review of this week’s Sci-Fiction story and emailed it off to my editor.

Slogging through all the critiques of “The Tanuki-Kettle” and trying to write thank-you notes to everyone. I ended up with over fifty critiques. Zounds. Also did a couple critiques for various writers groups (including one for your offering at Critters this week, britzkrieg. It should be on its way if you haven’t gotten it yet.)

The fantasy story continues to develop. Did an overhaul on the opening and then managed about six-hundred more words. Not exactly an awe-inspiring accomplishment, but it’s progress.

And I’m reading my contrib copy of issue #14 of ASIM. My God, them Aussies can jam in a lot of fiction between those covers! So far, that’s been the highlight of my day.

(edit: I got my contracts from Realms of Fantasy in the mail. I’ve got a new highlight, especially as it appears that they’re paying me more than I had initially thought. I’m not quite sure what calculation they’re using, but I’m getting closer to $.06/word than $.05/word. Wooo!)

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4 Responses to Forsaken by the caffeine god

  1. britzkrieg says:

    I slogged down a Pepsi, a Dew, and a cup of tea today, but I ended up with “brain blues” too. Then again, I still have a touch of whatever was ailing me yesterday.

    I haven’t received your crit of “Pennyfer” yet, but I thank you in advance! I hope you enjoyed it.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      theorized that it was Fall, but normally I don’t get affected by the changing of seasons like this. Foo. There does appear to be something doldrummy in the air.

      You’ll probably get my crit in the AM batch tomorrow. I think you did an excellent revision job on it, and yes, I enjoyed it!

  2. Over fifty critiques? That’s just crazy…. And you still manage to write individual thank-you notes?

    Oh, and I’ve friended you back. I always enjoy reading about other writers’ trials and travails.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Over fifty critiques? That’s just crazy…. And you still manage to write individual thank-you notes?

      There is indeed a certain level of insanity to it. And yeah, I always try (try being the salient word here) to thank the people I get crits from. It just seems polite. Although fifty is way overwhelming. I typically consider about twenty optimal.

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