Four-day Weekend: Hobkin and Housewarming

Back from a four-day weekend with less to show for it than I would’ve liked.

Went to check out elemess‘s new house on Saturday and worked on a website commission, but otherwise the last four days were decidedly unproductive.

Results came back from the vet’s and they found white blood cells but no bacteria from Hobkin’s urine sample. The lil guy is on Amoxycillan—which when given with a dollop of whipped cream is, thankfully, a nummy treat—and is on the mend. I think we caught his UTI much earlier this time around than the one last February. He never really got sick this time, just out of sorts. Wish I knew what was causing these, though.

He is also a very silly beastie. When he sleeps with me, sometimes his fangs puncture the blanket where he’s resting his head. His fangs are quite pointy; they’re long and protrude from his mouth, so when he lays his head flat, they dig into whatever surface he’s resting on (which I experience first-hand when he uses me as a pillow). Last night, they pierced the blanket (again) but in his half-asleep state, he thought the blanket had trapped him.

I woke up to a flailing fuzzy animal at my side, pawing at the blanket attached to his tooth. Bemused, I tugged the blanket off his fang, freeing him from the scary blanket-monster. Was Hobkin grateful? Of course not. He huffed at me and trundled off as though it were my fault.

I tell myself he probably felt embarrassed.

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11 Responses to Four-day Weekend: Hobkin and Housewarming

  1. gardenwaltz says:

    Good thing I don’t sleep with a Hobkin. We have an electric mattress pad.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Eep! Yes, that could be bad.

      Actually, I use an electric blanket in winter, but Hobkin’s fangs don’t appear to be able to pierce through that. Also, I put another blanket between us and the electric one, so Hobkin’s not usually in direct fang-electric-blanket contact.

      Glad we don’t have a water bed, though…

  2. threeoutside says:

    *snort* Thanks for my first real LOL this morning. Gotta love the flailing fuzzy beastie, and his embarrassment. Give him a scritch for me, when he’s receptive to scritches again.


  3. lmeighmy says:

    Glad you had a good weekend. 🙂

    Hahaha! I can picture that happening. 😀

  4. quasiskunk says:

    Mebbe you should show Hobkin what could happen if he got all discombobulated:

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Aww! The poor lil guy! (I couldn’t help laughing, although Hobkin would never forgive me if he knew.) I’m so glad they got someone to help him get that jar off his head. He looked pretty plump too. Maybe from eating too much peanut butter?

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