Free floating anxiety

I have this nagging feeling that I’ve forgotten to do something. It’s vague and unsettling. I keep checking my calendar and Things to Do list, and while I’ve certainly got plenty on my plate that needs my attention, I keep thinking I’m missing something. If any of y’all are waiting on something from me, you might want to drop me a line.

Also, Yahoo accounts keep bouncing my emails back with a “Permanent Failure: Other address status” error. That’s not good. I’ve got several Tangent reviewers who have addresses. Hope they fix that soon.


Writing Stuff

After I saw jaylake‘s submission counts post, I became curious about my own (after I finished being slack-jawed at his numbers). Total number of submissions isn’t one of the things I tracked in my various marketing spreadsheets–of which I have many–but it’s a fairly easy formula to tack on to everything else. So I did a bit of fiddling in Excel and discovered that currently I’ve made 689 story submissions since I started writing seriously in 2000. That number includes 77 sales, 548 rejections, and 54 submissions currently out (there’s a bunch of reprints in that figure), with the remainder being markets that folded before responding, a few withdrawals, and other oddball cases.

I think I’m going to throw a party when I hit 1000 submissions, and another really big party when (if) I hit 100 sales.

New Words:
1400 on the new Japanese fantasy now tentatively titled “A Thread of Silk.” I’m thinking this might be longer than the 3-4K I initially figured since I just completed the first scene. It’s admittedly a key and important scene, but it went significantly longer than I’d expected. This one’s fight-heavy; I don’t do a lot of pitched combat scenes and I’d forgotten how much space they can take up.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,869 / 4,500

Word from my agent that the editor I’m waiting on rewrite notes from dropped him a line letting him know that the reason we haven’t heard back is ’cause she’s currently swamped working on a couple novels, but that she’ll get me stuff next week. Whew. I was beginning to get scared she’d changed her mind.

So now I need to finish this Japanese fantasy and my Aberrant Dreams story rewrite before next week. I can do that.

Club 100 For Writers
I skipped several days in there while doing research and lost count anyway, so I’ll just start over again. Sigh.


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11 Responses to Free floating anxiety

  1. britzkrieg says:

    I have this nagging feeling that I’ve forgotten to do something.

    Have you looked at my restructuring of “Graveyard Shift”?

  2. aliettedb says:

    Cool news about the agent. Everything seems to be going smoothly. Don’t let a new story and a rewrite stop you 😉

    54 submissions out? Phew, that’s impressive.

    • Eugie Foster says:


      54 submissions out? Phew, that’s impressive.

      A chunk of that number is reprint subs, and a few are novel subs via my agent, so I don’t have nearly as many original works in circulation as that figure might imply. I’ve only got *glances at spreadsheet* 24 new works making the rounds. For a while, I was trying to keep 30 out all the time, but I realized what a poor idea that was; I was, in effect, setting penalizing writing goals for myself: i.e. “Oh, another one sold, damn.” So now I’m not worrying about that number, just trying to keep my productivity up.

      • aliettedb says:

        “Oh, another one sold, damn.”

        Lool. Took me time to understand what the problem was (brain not up to par today), but indeed, those were not very good goals 😉

        24 is still a very respectable number (I was proud of having 12 of the blighters around, but you put me to shame 🙂 ).

  3. mroctober says:

    I never keep track of submissions via Excel but simply by emails and mental tally. I rarely have more than 5 out at any one time. I am such a slow writer. Still I was curious about sales. Since I began writing way way back (arguably serious with 1995), I have

    sold 1 novel
    sold 1 anthology
    sold 28 short stories (of varying length including yesterday’s sale)
    reprinted 14 stories (or 50% of the above) a total of 21 times
    sold 40 articles (including 1 interview and 2 reviews)

    and this does not count the few stories original to my self-published collections.

  4. markdeniz says:

    I used to keep track of submissions but I kept forgetting and going back to the excel file and wondering what the hell I was doing… 😉

    Looks like things are progressing well though and I think it’s time I joined the 100 word a day club. Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow… just you watch!

  5. Eugie Foster says:

    I hope there was a lot of champagne at the party inside your head. Nothing says “celebration” quite like like marinating one’s brain in bubbly.

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