Furry Day/Lost Sock Day

Happy Furry Day and Lost Sock Day everyone!

I’ve decided to hold off on trying to write anything new for a couple days. In the interim, I’ll critique a bunch of stories on Critters and get my MPC count back in the positive numbers (well, probably number, singular). I’m hoping that focusing on other people’s technique–both successes and failures–will get my mind off the dissatisfaction I’m having with my own.

Actually, on the subject of critiquing stories, I think one of the best things I’ve done for my writing is join Critters. A lot of times the advice isn’t all that useful, or it’s contradictory, but sometimes it’s dead on. And regardless, it’s helped me to acquire a nice, tough skin when it comes to feedback and rejection, something every writer needs to have. Plus, it gives me something writing-oriented to do when I can’t manage to get my writing gears revved up. A productive diversion. Yepper.

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  1. jenwrites says:

    You know, sometimes a writing break is really helpful. I took one at the end of the year for a couple of weeks, and it really helped me recharge my emotional batteries.

  2. m0nkeygrl says:

    Random Question.

    Did you play in a Chtulhu Live game at Gen-Con year before last?

    I was out with one of my friends last night when he mentioned Fantasm. He’d been before, and we discussed going this year, but he couldn’t get the time off of work. Anyway, I mentioned that one of my online friends was Ms. Fantasm last year. I mentioned the words “really pretty…Asian…Goth”. He said “believe it or not…I think I know her…she played in a Chtulu Live game at Gen-Con a few years ago…she was writing an article for a magazine…if it’s the same person.” I told him that you did write and had been published. Anyway, we got curious as to if we were thinking of the same person.

    My friend is Robert McLaughlin…the author of the Cthulhu Live books…tall…red hair…handsome.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Random Question.

      Yeah, I know him! We hung out at our first Fantasm, I believe that’d be Fantasm 2001, after having played in his LARPs at Gen-Con 2000. Your friend runs an incredible LARP!

      There’s pictures on our website, I assume we’re talking ’bout the guy on the right HERE, yes?

      • m0nkeygrl says:

        Re: Random Question.

        Yep…that’s him. He’s great. We’ve gotten really close…something neither of us expected. He’s a living doll and an absolutely wonderful friend.

        He also asked if you’d be at GenCon this year…said you RP’ed wonderful and he’d love to have you in the games this year. They didn’t go to GC last year, they tried out Origins and didn’t like it as much. They’re back this year.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Re: Random Question.

          His Cthulu LARPs were the best thing about that GenCon . . .

          Unfortunately, we’re not planning on doing GenCon this year. Since we moved to Atlanta it’s a bit far away for us and we don’t do as much gaming as we used to. Any chance they’ll be going back to Fantasm or trying out Dragon*Con?

          • m0nkeygrl says:

            Re: Random Question.

            With his work schedule (he manages a Country Club) he HAS to be at work on Easter because the club always has a big Easter brunch.

            Dunno about Dragon*Con. I know not this year. I’ll be inducting him into the ranks of MFM attendees. I hate it that MFM and Dragon*Con are always on the same weekend…I’d love to go sometime. I don’t think a future trip to Fantasm for him and his wife (or even them bringing me) is out of the question, though. It’d be cool to meet and hang out.

  3. britzkrieg says:

    Shameless Begging

    In the interim, I’ll critique a bunch of stories on Critters and get my MPC count back in the positive numbers.

    I hope you will have a chance to crit the offering I have in the queue this week. Hey, it would give us something to talk about tomorrow night! 😉 Still, I think it’s by far the longest manuscript up this week, so I’ll understand if you don’t have time.

    Have you been to yoga lately? That might help your mental state some.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Shameless Begging

      No fear! Your story is definitely on my “to critique” list.

      And, err, I’ve kind of been blowing off yoga. Bad me, no biscuit. i really do think it would help, but at the same time, I’m in a ridiculous little Catch-22 because if I were feeling better, I’d be more inclined to go. Dagnabit.

  4. oracne says:

    Critiquing! A good thing to do. Yay for Critters.

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