Georgia Big Picture, swag, and dude_the

Ooo! The Big Picture Film and Video Foundation has approved fosteronfilm as a guest speaker for their Georgia Big Picture Conference. As part of the deal, we get both of our admissions waived, and they’re feeding us both lunch and dinner, gratis. Sweet! Hobkin will probably be quite miffed at being left alone for so long for two days, but I think it’ll be grand fun. And fosteronfilm will get to indulge his public speaking bug again. There’s more than a little irony in the fact that he loves talking to an audience of strangers, and I have nightmares about it. I take solace in knowing that I can wrangle up a press release and resume better than he can . . .

The swag is continuing to pour in, including posters, dammit! We told them to send the posters to the D*C office. They’re heavy and take up a lot of space! Pfft. But we also got some sweet swag–t-shirts and mouse pads and flashlights (oh, my!). And our dining room looks like a warehouse. Hobkin is displeased.

dude_the is due here tomorrow and the library/spare bedroom is wading room-only. Gleep. There will be much tidying today.


Writing Stuff

Received the contract from Dark Cloud Press for “The Wiggly People.” It was a pretty writer-friendly contract. These folks are comporting themselves in a very professional manner. Very nice. Contract signed and stuck in the mail.

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7 Responses to Georgia Big Picture, swag, and dude_the

  1. terracinque says:

    Whoo! So we’ll all be there!

  2. nmsunbear says:

    Got any Serenity posters? I know where you could unload one. 😉

  3. tstauffer says:

    If you need help, let me know. I can bring my blazer to your house and load up.

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