Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all! Candy and scary pumpkins galore!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year, preceded in eminence only by Christmas. Although I didn’t wear anything all that costumey to work, I did, however, wear my goblin-Hamlet earrings, so I still observed the occasion. One Halloween I wore vampire fangs all day at work (taking them out only for lunch) and flashed a toothy grin to everyone I saw at meetings and in the hallways. Another Halloween I wore a pair of spider gloves–the fingers were spider legs and a fuzzy, plush spider body squatted on the backs of my wrists–which made typing a little slower than usual, although I liked mousing. Seeing the plump, happy spiders wriggling on the Logitech made me grin. So this year is on the understated side for me. And I’m rather disappointed not to see more costumes in the corporate hallways, or decorations for that matter. What has happened to the Halloween spirit, o’ Great Pumpkin?

In other news:

Hobkin’s bath. What can I say about it? Well, the bathroom is still sopping wet, and Hobkin was, in turns, miffed and traumatized. Both Matthew and I bear battle welts and claw marks from frantic skunk feet. Afterwards, Hobkin spent the whole night cuddled up with me, very clingy and in need of reassurance. Nothing like a damp skunk on the couch to make the evening complete. Hobkin’s fur is incredibly thick and takes forever to dry, even with extensive brushing and toweling. But today he is a fluffy, sweet-smelling, squeaky-clean ball of glowing white and sparkly-warm brown. Wonder how long it’ll take him to find a patch of dust to roll in . . .

Writing stats:

Matthew first-readered my SF story, and as I suspected, the ending reeks. Actually, there is much of crappitude to the tale, which I sort of knew. But he did brainstorm quite a few ideas that I liked. The rewrite is going to be quite extensive. Not even sure if what I have constitutes now as a zero draft. Maybe negative one? Have to roll up my sleeves and get to bringing it up to zero. Glargh.

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2 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. Have fun trick-or-treating giving candies away. 😀

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thank you! It was a relaxing, quiet Halloween. We’ve got a lot of leftover candy, although we did get a goodly crew of young goblins and ghosties to our door. But since the Skunk Show was the day after Halloween, we had a very quiet one this year. Hope you ahd a great one too!

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