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At my doctor’s appointment yesterday, as they always do, they weighed me and took my temperature. On the weigh-in front, I was pleased to discover that I’ve managed to loose a few pounds. I suspect the weight loss is primarily due to the decrease in my Prednisone dosage (three more weeks and I’m off it completely!), but it made me happy. On the temperature front, I clocked in at 99.1. I appeared to have a very low-grade fever, so low-grade that I didn’t notice it. Hmm. Must pamper self so I don’t get sick before or during Dragon*Con. I normally burn a teeny bit hotter than average, but not 99.1 hotter.

I’ve also been extremely fatigued of late. ‘Course I’ve been generally tired for a long time now, so I guess that’s not exactly new. But I’m stressed that I’ll get sick before D*C, which of course is exactly what my immune system needs . . . stress.

Stupid brain.

And my wing stubs hurt again.

Writing Stuff:

– Finished up my Critters critique for this week’s queue.
– Wrote a review for Tangent of this week’s Sci-Fiction offering, “Bulldozer” by Laird Barron and sent it off to ye olde editor.
– All despondent stories have had their egos stroked and been summarily ejected back into the cold, cruel world. “Come back with your shield, or on it!”

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4 Responses to Health news and writing

  1. Heh, at 99.1 I’m in bed bitching about everything. But then again my normal operating temp is about 97.5…

    Nobody ever takes even a 99.5 seriously.

  2. aldeygirl says:

    Get well Eugie!!

    I hope that you are on the uphill swing and will be 100% at Dragon and thereafter. Keep on writing. Also wanted to add that as a long time Dragoncon atttendee, I appreciate all the hard work you and your hubby are doing. Smiles, hugs and healing thoughts going out to you.

  3. Anonymous says:


    Re: prednisone.
    I’m curious. Why are you taking such a powerful non-steroidial? I take it only en extremist for my asthma. NOTE: Don’t answer this question if it’s too personal.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Meds

      It’s not too personal at all. I’ve been taking Prednisone for nearly two years now (and yes, I’m aware of the dangers of taking it long-term . VERY aware). It was the only thing that worked to stop a major flare-up–as in a month+ long flare.

      I have Lupus/MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease), which means my immune system freaks out and attacks healthy tissue periodically. Until the “big one,” the attacks were fairly mild, maybe once or twice a year, lasting about a week o’misery each, and would go away on their own without me having to do anything but treat the symptoms (fever, pain, etc.). The last one didn’t go away on its own, and didn’t respond to “burst” dosages of meds, so I eventually got put on a maintenance dosage of Pred, until they could find an immunosuppressant I wasn’t allergic to to replace it. After being allergic to Planquinl and being unhappy with the side effects of Methotrexate, I’m now on Imuran and being weaned off the Pred. FINALLY! (Been bugging my Rheumatologist for the better part of a year to get me off the damn Pred.)

      And I’ll probably have to take Imuran or some other immunosuppressant for the rest of my life. Ugh.

      Stupid immune system.

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