Hobkin Update: Good weekend

Had a quiet weekend, most of it spent napping with Hobkin on the couch. Such a contrast to last weekend. Feels both like that was such a long time ago and that it wasn’t.

Hobkin is back to his normal diet of veggies, yogurt, and cottage cheese with the addition of a couple crickets to make pill-giving easier and a couple dollops of whipped cream, ditto easier meds. I continue to be worried about his hind leg, but it doesn’t appear to be hurting him, which is the important thing.

The vet gave us buprenor as a pain reliever for his tooth extraction, and I’m hereby bestowing “wonder drug” status upon it. The tooth doesn’t bother him at all while he’s on it, although he does seem to find it uncomfortable when he’s not. (Which we discovered when I botched the Saturday giving of it. Hobkin wasn’t quite asleep when I went to squirt it in his mouth. He turned his head, and the couch got most of the dose. But I was afraid to give him a second dose ’cause I knew some of it had gotten into him, and I was worried I could OD him.)

Matthew’s going to ask the vet if we can get another couple doses.

A very big Thank You to britzkrieg for dropping by on Saturday PM with Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. You’re an absolute sweetheart, and the cheesecake was wonderful!

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6 Responses to Hobkin Update: Good weekend

  1. j_cheney says:

    Glad he’s feeling good ;o) (And I hope the couch’s numbness wears off soon.)

  2. So glad to hear that Hobkin is much improved. I hope that trend continues and that his leg improves and he stays healthy for many years to come.

  3. shaolingrrl says:

    Yay to quiet, yay to naps!

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