Hobkin Update: Oxygen Tent Night 2

Back from the vet’s. More oxygen tent at home for Hobkin tonight, and the vet gave us a handful of medicines to administer orally: furosemide (Lasix), prednisolone, and amoxicillin. I was concerned about how well he’d take the first two as they’re pills, and we’ve never given him pills before. But crushed up in a little whipped cream, and they went down as a nummy treat.

He’s definitely on the mend–a world of hurray–but still not out of danger and still needing intensive care round-the-clock. And we have to go back tomorrow morning for more tests.

Think I’ve managed to catch about four hours of sleep in dozing catnaps in the last two days. Mental faculties blunter than a butter knife right now. But the relief that the lil guy is continuing to get better is indescribable.

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16 Responses to Hobkin Update: Oxygen Tent Night 2

  1. samhenderson says:

    That must be a relief – I hope the good progress continues.

  2. melissajm says:

    Oh good. Keep getting better, little guy!

  3. gannet says:

    Oh, thank goodness. I hope he keeps getting better!

  4. Woohoo, get better Hobkin!

  5. jmward14 says:

    Good news, but still sending the good thoughts. Sounds like you both need them. Best healing wishes, Jean Marie

  6. threeoutside says:

    still beaming Hobkin Love through the airwaves!


  7. Sounds like all your love and care are helping the little guy. I hope he continues to improve.

  8. amysisson says:

    I bet no skunk in history has ever had so many people rooting for him!

    (Whipped cream — hmmm…. will have to try that for the cats next time.)

  9. jean_roberta says:

    You and fosteronfilm sound like fabulous pet-caretakers. Hobkin is lucky to have you. Your love is prob. as effective in healing him as anything else.

  10. desperance says:

    Oh, yay. I’m so pleased the news is good…

  11. keesa_renee says:

    OH, Eugie, I am so out of the loop these days!! What happened to Hobkin?!?! So relieved to hear that he’s doing better, but I hadn’t even heard he wasn’t feeling well! My prayers and best wishes are with you guys. I hope he’s back to his normal little self soon! :hugs: And here’s hoping for lots of rest and mental sharpness for yourself!

  12. lmeighmy says:

    I’m so glad he’s getting better. Hopefully, he’ll improve quickly and you can both get some much needed rest. 🙂

  13. ericmarin says:

    I’m very glad to hear that he’s doing better, Eugie. Hopefully, he’ll recover very quickly now.

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