Hobkin Update: DIY Home Oxygen Box

Hobkin is at the vet’s. fosteronfilm and I are home for showers and to get a couple hours of sleep.

Had a worrisome few hours this morning. At around 4AM, the lil guy started making soft whining noises although he ate a snack readily enough. At 6AM, he took his whipped cream-blended meds with only minor wheedling but then couldn’t be persuaded to eat. We’ve been feeding him small meals approximately every two hours to ensure he’s getting proper hydration. It’s also a good gauge of how he’s doing—checking his appetite and all.

It was time to take him to the vet’s anyway, so off we went. Soon as we got him into the oxygen box, he perked right up and devoured a fair-sized meal.

Hobkin in the oxygen box at the vet’s waiting for breakfast.

After consulting with the vet, we concluded that our current makeshift oxygen tent at home probably wasn’t doing the trick and got some DIY tips to make an oxygen box at home. A trip to Walmart for a clear, plastic, 64-quart tub, some drilling to accommodate the oxygen tubing, etc., and we’ve now got a home skunk oxygen box:

Heading back to the vet’s to pick him up in a couple hours. Hoping this will work a-ok over the weekend.

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13 Responses to Hobkin Update: DIY Home Oxygen Box

  1. desperance says:

    Aww. Poor Hobkin…

    (Don’t believe I’ve seen a photo of the lil guy before. He’s all cute…)

  2. samhenderson says:

    DIY – ur doing it rit

  3. cathshaffer says:

    I’m pulling for Hobkin! The makeshift oxygen box is exactly what they have at our local emergency vet. They put Simba in it years ago when he had an asthma attack. The vet was concerned because he went to sleep, and cats are usually upset about being in there. We said, “Oh, no, Simba’s just that mellow.” Hobkin sure does look cute poking his head out.

  4. n_decisive says:

    You guys are the best skunk parents Hobkin could ever ask for. Sending all three of you lots of good thoughts for healing and endurance!

  5. newroticgirl says:

    Been thinking lots of good thoughts for the little guy!

  6. Aw, poor little Hobkin. I’m sending good thoughts for him to get well soon.

  7. j_cheney says:

    I’m glad you’ve got a good wya for him to be home with you….so much more stressful to stay at the vets!

  8. ken_schneyer says:

    Poor critter. Hope it works out.

  9. amysisson says:

    I love the photo of Hobkin. I want to kiss that little face!

    Glad the cause of his decreasing appetite was quickly discovered and you were able to remedy it.

  10. norilana says:

    Awww, strength and healing to sweet Hobkin! May he continue to eat well and get well fast!

  11. threeoutside says:

    More kisses for Hobkins’s little face from Omaha!!! X X X X X

    HOpe you got some sleep. Hope he enjoys being home again, even if he does have to stay in the Ox Box. 🙁

  12. shaolingrrl says:

    Poor little snoot! More good wishes for him and energy vibes beamed at his parents.

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