Hobkin’s good day

Hobkin had a Very Good Day today. The little fuzz beast adores corn muffins, but he doesn’t get them very often because they’re quite fattening. Well, today I was baking a batch and apparently didn’t use enough non-stick spray. As I was trying to shake them out, I lost control of the baking tin, and a muffin top tore off to go tumbling to the floor, where an opportunistic skunk–waiting for just such a serendipitous occurrence–gleefully pounced on it. I didn’t have the heart to take it away from him, plus he inhaled it so fast I would have been hard pressed to get it anyway. Wish I’d thought to grab the camera . . .

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Researching Egyptian mythology, although I’m not finding anything that really sparks my interest to explore deeper for Cricket. I think folklore is typically a better source of inspiration for Cricket stories than mythology, although, of course, there’s a substantial overlap between them.

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3 Responses to Hobkin’s good day

  1. mtfay says:

    Do you put canned or fresh corn kernels in your corn muffins? I know there are some recipes out there that use whole kernel corn in addition to carn meal that are less fattening, thus enabling fuzzwits to have a corn muffin treat slightly more often;).

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Erm, I use the Jiffy box of corn muffin mix. The only muffins I’ve managed to make totally from scratch are gingerbread muffins, and that’s largely because I couldn’t find a ready-made mix. Eugie is not a domestic diva, remember?

      • mtfay says:

        Ah, but muffins are easy…Don’t you watch good eats?;)…
        Try adding a small can of golden corn kernels to your muffins…Trust me, they’ll be better.

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