How to break a writer’s block . . . .

Four cups of coffee followed by a chaser of two cups of (non-herbal) tea leads to about 1500 words and the near-completion of a first draft. Not, lamentably, one of the three I’ve been glaring at for the last couple weeks, but a whole brand new one that I started ’cause I had an opening. Sigh. I suspect this one will be unsaleable, because, again, I’ve written to one, highly competitive market only. But I enjoyed writing it and I feel good about simply getting words on the page at last. ‘Course it’s not quite done yet. But I know the ending already and I’m almost there.

I’m beginning to think that if I don’t finish a story in its first week of creation, it won’t get finished. Now that’s just sad.

But at least I’m writing something.

I think I’m on the tail end of my caffeine lift. Do I have more tea, or crash?

On a happy note, our Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 2 DVD set came in today in the mail. Hurray!

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6 Responses to How to break a writer’s block . . . .

  1. dr_pipe says:

    You could throw some illicit ritalin on there for extra spice.

    (It is really better than caffeine; all amphetamines are, when you don’t abuse them like a speed freak ((ok, I’m speaking from the drug literature, not personal experience–I’ve only had ritalin once))–they don’t put your stomach on edge, they don’t make you jittery, they just put you into concentration mode. Unfortunately this mode is better for repetitive and tedious tasks than creative ones.)

  2. katen says:

    WhooHoo! Good to hear you got through that block. I’m so ready to get back to my writing. Since I’ve been pulled every which way by family and family-in-law, I haven’t gotten around to writing a blessed word while on “vacation”. It’s going to be good to get back.

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