I’m such a Junkie

Sunday we did a slew of Christmas shopping. Almost finished with it. Still got a few more things to pick up, but we’re in the homestretch.

I also got new shoes! I’m a total shoe-a-holic, and I’ve been very good for a long time now, not picking up any new pairs for ages and ages, no matter how strappy or shiny or sexy. But I was lured to the shoe displays at the mall and showed Matthew the shoes I had on–cracked soles, worn sides, heels uneven from wear, and no longer impervious to water (don’t they just sound pathetic?)–and he agreed that I should buy some shoes. So I went skipping down the Payless aisles and now have three new pairs. I adore Payless. Since I don’t buy or wear leather, my options are extremely limited. But hurray to Payless and their “all man-made materials.” Cheap footwear that doesn’t compromise my pro-animal ethics. Gotta love it.

Writing stats:

700-words on the Urban Fantasy piece and I’m beginning to get anxious at its length. Dammit. I’m looking at another novelette here. Maybe I should just stamp “unsellable” on it and have done with it.

Abyss & Apex said “no” to a flash piece, although Leah was very complimentary about it. That’s, um, seven for this month. This counting rejections by the month thing is getting depressing.

I expect to hear from several markets this week, or perhaps next. Polyphony is due to start sending out rejections this week, the Creative Loafing contest should have their winners lined up “on or around” the 17th, Phobos said they’d have final judging done by mid-December in time for Christmas (although I expect them to be tardy if they follow their usual modus operandi), and Carina said she was picking up a new batch of slush for RoF. Plus I’ve got manuscripts at the usual fast-response suspects.

Also, I queried Dreams of Decadance again about the story the editor’s been holding for nearly two years. I’d have thought it was a lost cause long ago, but I got a note from her saying that she was holding it for consideration and “quite likely to buy it” way back in May of ’02. Makes me inclined to keep my hopes up and my patience screwed to its sticking place. But I’ve queried several times since then, both email and snail mail, and haven’t got any sort of response since. Gurgle.

I’m beginning to jones for another sale, which is ludicrous since I made four sales in November and three in October. I should be cruising on my fix high. But I’m all twitchy about scoring my next one. It’s like I’m mainlining on sales and I still keep needing more and more and more. Agh! I’m a junkie!

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  1. jenwrites says:

    The Black Holes page is already reporting one rejection received for Polyphony 4. I suspect we would have been emailed had they accepted our pieces 🙁

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