Insane traffic

Had a doctor’s appointment yesterday at 4:30. The traffic was ludicrously horrible. Stupid me for scheduling an appointment during rush hour right off I-285W, but I hadn’t expected it to be that bad. I was pretty excited merging from 400 to 285 if I was moving. Sheesh. It’s a good thing I allowed myself plenty of time to get there. With various and sundry driving I had to do yesterday, I estimate I was on the road for over three hours. Yuck.

The doctor wants to see me again in four months. When the nurse who handles his appointments asked me if 4:30 was good for me again, I replied with a whole-hearted, vehement “no!” So my follow-up appointment is at 11. Here’s hoping I don’t get caught in the lunch hour rush. But it can’t possibly be as awful as eager commuters on their drive home . . . Can it?

Tonight britzkrieg and rigel_kent are coming over for a festive viewing of the extended DVD version of Return of the King on our big screen TV. Hurray!

Writing Stuff:

Finished my review for Tangent of this week’s Sci-Fiction story. Must make sure I do next week’s promptly, as after Wednesday, I’ll be totally caught up in Foster family holiday traditions and celebrations, and I doubt I’ll have time or inclination to write a review.

Saw on the Speculations Rumor Mill that norilana was doing a Holiday Giveaway of her two books Dream of the Compass Rose and Lords of Rainbow for reviews. Of course, being a total book-a-holic, I glomped on the offer and soon Dreams of the Compass Rose will magically appear in my mailbox (via the USPS fairy). Very much looking forward to what promises to be an excellent read.

Received nine critiques from Critters so far on the fantasy princess story. Currently, the overall consensus is positive, save for the ending, which readers find too abrupt and unclear. Irked, I read it through again, and found I was totally inclined to agree with that assessment. I’ve already started on a fairly major nip and tuck to the ending to get it patched up. Not in a huge rush, as my first market of choice for this one is Cicada, and currently the Cricket group is considering three submissions of mine to their various publications, and I’ve got a queue of backlogged stories waiting when those clear. Still not 100% sure if this is a good YA fit, but I’ll leave that for my lovely editor to decide.

Word count: 350 on the princess fantasy + two editing passes + 200 on the SF WIP.

And the SF story is done, done, done! It’s in terrible need of a major edit before I want to show it to Matthew, but I’ve got the whole story down from beginning to end! What a relief.

Sometimes, when I finish something, I just have a feeling, a certainty that “this is good stuff.” Other times, I know it’s not my best. Of course, it seems to make no difference what my thoughts on the matter are regarding how quickly and to where it sells, but I do have an opinion of the completed project. On this one, I haven’t decided how I feel yet.

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  1. m0nkeygrl says:

    One word about the extended edition…

    Mouth of Sauron = Creepy!!!

  2. quiller77 says:

    And the SF story is done, done, done!
    Congrats. I think no matter how many times we do it, finishing a story is always a good feeling, if only to be able to say, it’s done. 🙂

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