Interview twitches

So it seems that the corporate recruiter and associated company folks approved of my writing sample. Just got a call. They want me to come in for an interview tomorrow. Gleep.

And yep, there go my anxiety and nervousness levels, right through the ceiling. I think this would be a place I’d like to work at, cubicle-monkey status notwithstanding, which makes the prospect of the interview process even more nerve-wracking.

The first part of the interview will be a design analysis test, which I’m actually relieved about. An analytical challenge will help to soothe my early jitters. Plus, I tend to test well, and I like having the opportunity to prove my ability straight off the bat. But I’m still a bundle of twitches.

Calmblueocean. Calmblueocean.

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28 Responses to Interview twitches

  1. lousy_timing says:

    Serenitynow. Serenitynow.

  2. kittymel says:

    Oh, I do hope things go well!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Don’t have the exact address yet (I’m expecting an email with directions after lunch), but I got a rough idea where it is from the recruiter. It’s in Dunwoody between exits 5 and 6 off 400. I like the location (I think). It would be a fairly easy commute, although going in the wrong direction, of course. I much prefer driving north rather than going south, but at least it wouldn’t be into the city proper.

  3. raecarson says:

    Good luck, you!

    *gives shoulder rub*

  4. horrordiva says:

    Good luck sweetie…bake some more cookies to keep your mind off it!! lol. (But don’t leave them on the paper, lol)


    And good luck with your interview and testing.

    Deep breath. You’re going to be GREAT!

  6. Good luck, Eugie! I know you’ll do well!

  7. cricketshay says:

    Good Luck Eugie. I’m sure it’ll be fine. *good vibes sent your way*

  8. pyanfar says:

    *fingers crossed*!

  9. fings says:

    Hey, I spotted a few of you and in the just-posted official D*C photos. You’re on page 29 and 30, at least, giving a smooch to your hubby, then sleeping on a couch. (pics 803-805, plus 815/816 on the next page.)

  10. gardenwaltz says:

    my token advice

    have fun. just go out and enjoy meeting these nice people. that and promise yourself a heap of chocolate when you’re done. that way, whenever you start feeling nervous and think of bolting, there will be a faint smile on your lips at the thought of chocolate.

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