Is it only Tuesday??

What is it about holiday weeks that just draaaag? I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. The energy level in the office was as perky as a snail on Valium for us unfortunate few who hadn’t taken the week off already. It’ll probably resemble a deceased snail tomorrow. Sigh.

Writing stats:
19 crits on my SF piece at Critters so far. Probably will get a couple more straggling in tomorrow.

Surprising me, the reviews have been more positive than I expected. Unfortunately, I’ve got people saying diametric opposites on issues I’m uncertain about. Usually I can just weigh comments on the basis of my gut feeling and implement or ignore accordingly. But since I’m so unsure with this story, my guts aren’t being very forthcoming. Like I’ve got about an even number of folks who raved about my opening: “great hook,” “really pulled me into the story” versus ones who thought it was the worst part: “wouldn’t have kept reading from the opening” and “too slow of a hook.” @%#*$!

Ah well, no one said writing was easy. Going to stew on this one for a few days before plunging into the rewrite.

Beginning to compile my writing numbers for the year in a fit of “I don’t wanna write!” which I’m not going to call writer’s block ’cause it’s not. It’s just sheer laziness and procrastination. When I’m sitting, watching Fear Factor and playing Solitaire, with Hobkin and Matthew using me as a pillow, I know I’m just wallowing in couch spudhood. But it’s an awfully peaceful couch spudhood.

Anyway, here’s what I got so far. I’m hoping to get a few more responses (maybe even a sale or two) in December, but to date, my numbers:

Sales this year: 14
Rejections this year: 126
Stories written: 18
Novel chapters written: 5

I’m pleased with the “stories written” figure, and obviously the sales, but I’m rather annoyed with myself on the novel progress. I dunno, maybe I’ll use the Thanksgiving holiday to dust the thing off and dig into it again.

Or maybe I’ll just stuff my face at britzkrieg‘s and elbow my muse in the solar plexus if she deigns to show up.

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  1. Yes, it’s only Tuesday. But you know as soon as Wednesday comes, it’ll go by fast. Anyway, keep doing a great job on writing. Dear, I don’t think I can be a writer. I don’t have the patient to sit down and drag all the words out of my head. People like you, I admire.

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