Matrix 3, Sale!

Saw The Matrix 3. Actually, I enjoyed it. It was very shiny, although I think the Wachowski brothers were a little symbolism happy. Yes, obviously there was religious symbolism in the earlier movies–Trinity, Zion, Morpheus, The Oracle, Seraph, etc. But it got a bit sledgehammery in Revolutions with Limbo, the Christian cross symbolism, the yin yang resolution, the talk with the Machine World consciousness (can you say “God”?) And, of course, all messiahs must be blinded. But actually, maybe because of the interesting fusion and jumbling of so many mythologies/religions, I liked it. I liked playing “what culture’s creation myth/afterworld dogma is it?” Although I saw the ending coming from way off so the final battle felt like it dragged on for too long. I kept feeling all “just hurry up and do it already, Agent Smith, sheesh!”

The battle for Zion was bright and shiny, although the whole “why did they spend so many resources in building those big, shooty robot suits instead of more EMPs?” kept intruding upon my suspension of disbelief. Ah well. I enjoyed it. It helped that I didn’t have huge expectations going into the theater, I suspect.

Also sold “An Interesting Week for Emmy” to the invite-only Showcase Anthology that I mentioned here. It’s a light, SF ditty that I wrote while feeling whimsical and wry about my day job. Hurray, another sale!

The Real Estate fiction project that was in the development stages got kyboshed, so I’m sending the story I wrote for that up to Critters. Shame about the project, but I like the story I wrote.

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  1. pleroma says:

    Congrats on the many sales you’ve been getting and I somewhat agree with your review. I enjoyed it, despite its flaws of lacking common sense in some of the scenes, etc…

  2. farshad says:

    Exactly, you know, they should have had more EMPs and all the defenses should have mechanical! So they could have kept going with hydraulics and people aiming and using muscle and gunpowder while the machines would have kept getting destroyed with repeated EMPs.

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