Launch Pad: Day 3, Wednesday

While it was cloudy, we were still able to see some starry matter on the roof of the astronomy building. I viewed the Moon, Venus, Jupiter (and four moons), Andromeda, a couple sets of binary stars, and a nebula (whose name I’ve forgotten). The sky was achingly beautiful.

The roof was a gorgeous viewing area.

Even with the annoying sidewalk lights below glaring light pollution, which the university didn’t see fit to shade.

I turned my flash off so as not to annoy and blind my fellow workshopees, so my pictures are somewhat blurry. Trade-offs.

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5 Responses to Launch Pad: Day 3, Wednesday

  1. random_42 says:

    The sky is just amazing up there. One night in Montana we were coming back from a late dinner to our cabin – it was well past midnight and the air was achingly crisp. The night sky was absolutely cloudless as we stared up in amazement. It was the first time I had ever actually seen the Milky Way – not just some hazy light but in all its glory. Simply incredible.

  2. lingtm says:

    Cool pix! Honestly, the flash would have ruined the color of the sky and all that anyway. It’s better blurry this way! It gives atmosphere. Glad you’re having a great time, say hello to Lori for me!

  3. Every time we go to a city, I’m made aware of how much people miss by living there. That is my sky every night, minus the buildings and street lights 🙂 And it’s sad that I take it for granted until I’m reminded when we go away.

  4. mtfay says:

    We’ll have to meet up in Sheridan one day and take you out to our foothills. No light pollution and Lots of stars. In the shadow of the Big Horn Mountains.

  5. ez_oz says:

    What gorgeous photos – thanks for sharing 🙂

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

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