LotR: The Return of the King

Matthew and I went to see Return of the King yesterday:

(Spoilerless . . . I think.) My God that’s a long movie. Three hours is a looong time to be sitting without a break. They should have an intermission when they show that. I’m sure theaters’ sales of concessions would go way up if they did. I was starving by the end of it.

But, physical discomforts aside, it was also the best of the the trilogy. Beautiful and epic. An excellent battle scene. Loved the Nazgul. Although I left the theater feeling sort of melancholy. Normally at the end of an epic series I expect to feel up–exulted, energized, peppy even. But I didn’t. I still enjoyed it, though. Except I don’t understand people who want to go back over and over again to see it. Maybe it was the conspicuous lack of stadium seating in the theater, but sitting for that long with my neck cricked back makes me disinclined to repeat the experience anytime soon.

Went home and watched the 90’s remake of Godzilla versus Mothra (which was truly awful) and some of the commentaries from the Firefly DVDs. Today: Zorro.

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  1. britzkrieg says:

    Except I don’t understand people who want to go back over and over again to see it.

    Heck, I wanted to go see it again the next night! But then, as you know, I always go to the Backlot in Buckhead. You get to sit at a table, if you arrive early enough, and the chairs are cushy. Coffee and beer are on the menu. The cheese sticks rock.

    At the end of the movie, I actually wanted more. For the theatrical release, they cut a romance that really caught my imagination in the book. I think that’s going to be on the extended DVD, though — which, rumor has it, will approach five hours of running time.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Yah, I’m interested in seeing the extended version too! Although there will be intermissions, dammit.

      Next time I see a looong movie at the theater, I want it to be in a place with comfy chairs and waitrons! Time to investigate this Backlots you and Jaime speak so highly of, most definitely!

  2. jenwrites says:

    My SO went to see it in a cinemapub, and they had an intermission. Mind you, it was in their best interest. If they give the patrons a chance to get up and pee, then they’re likely to buy more beer.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I’m surprised these cinemapub concepts aren’t more prevalent. Comfy seating, more expensive and higher quality concessions–seems like a recipe for success to me!

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