Neurosurgeon update

Matthew’s pretty un-ambulatory these days. I drove him to the neurosurgeon for his pre-surgery check-up and lab work appointment. That was so not fun. Matthew could barely stand or sit, much less walk around from lab room to radiology, etc. And I got lost in the hospital parking complex. Big surprise. I’d get lost in a paper bag if I’d never been in it before. Sigh. Stress levels = high.

We are, however, set up for him to have the surgery next Monday afternoon. Sooner good.

Trying hard not to dwell too much on the fact that they lost us this morning at the doctor’s office. The receptionist put us in a room so Matthew could recline, and then the doctor and nurse couldn’t find us and only located us ’cause I heard them saying “Matthew Foster? Is he here? He is? Where is he?” and poked my head out of the door. And that the last time we were there, they almost mixed up Matthew’s MRI and X-ray films with someone else’s. Twice. Even though the name on the other films was “James Foster” and not “Matthew Foster” and James’ case was a neck problem, not a back. Gleep.


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  1. kaoslyon says:

    Matthew’s MRI and X-ray films with someone else’s. Twice.

    Ack, geez!

    Sounds like rough times abound for everyone I know including myself.

    Hope the stress level comes down soon. 🙂

  2. sylphon says:

    No chance you could switch to another hospital/dr office?
    I’ve actually had my xrays mixed up before (though how you could mix up archambeault with tuador is beyond me) and when the nurse came in to get me to remove my leggings (I was in for my shoulder) I got a bit nervous. Got ‘forgotten/lost’ once too. They turned off the light because I was in for a migraine and then an hour later my patience was eroded so I finally braved the light to see what was going on and was told they thought I had left. bah. doctors.

    Good luck to you both *hugs* Hope things improve soon!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      No chance you could switch to another hospital/dr office?

      ‘Fraid not. That whole HMO thing and all. Plus we’d have to wait to see another doctor and get that all set up again, and any more waiting is just torture for Matthew right now.

      Although to be fair, the interaction we’ve had with the actual people has been pretty decent. It’s just the side issues which are a little worrying.

      Hope things improve soon!

      Thanks! Gawd, me too.

      • yakdog says:

        Doctors: people too.

        It’s just the side issues which are a little worrying.

        Sorry to hear about your problems with the paper-shufflers. I had some similar issues before my tendon surgery…but the surgeon did an excellent job on my hand, so everything ended well. I hope that y’all have a similar outcome, and I’m very glad to hear that you got the date moved up to Monday.

        I’ll be in town near the end of the month–if the two of you are up to socializing, I’ll take y’all out to dinner.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Re: Doctors: people too.

          I’m cool with various and sundry paper mishaps, as long as nothing goes wrong under the knife!

          Actually, I wonder if there’s a correlation between doctors who are technically outstanding at their profession yet seem to lose track of the day to day minutiae and accounting stuffs. We had an amazing ferret vet back in Illinois. He could take blood from a conscious ferret–the only vet we’d seen who could do so–and do some miracle-worker surgeries, but he wasn’t exactly good with the human social skills.

          *Clinging to any reassurance, no matter how far-fetched*

  3. mery_bast says:

    My god, having his x-rays mixed up like that is frightening! When he goes in for surgery be sure to mark his back with an X in black ink so they won’t accidentally operate on his knee or something…

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