Out in Time for Halloween – A Vampire Quintet: Five Sinister and Seductive Vampire Stories

Something I was working on last month that sort of fell by the wayside in light of my health issues was publishing a small collection of five reprints, all vampire stories, in time for Halloween.

I’ve always functioned better with a project to work on, something productive to focus on and think about, so while I’m laid up at home recovering from various sticks, pokes, and cuts, I decided to go ahead and finish publishing it. Ergo, now available:


vampire_quintet_525x750 E-book ($2.99) now available for:
epub, iPad, Nook, Palm (PDB), Sony (LRF)

I’m also trying out Amazon’s new CreateSpace program for print publishing, so A Vampire Quintet will be available as a trade paperback next month.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Son that Pain Made
  2. Still My Beating Heart
  3. The Few, the Proud, the Leech Corps
  4. Inspirations End
  5. Ascendancy of Blood

In these five sinister and seductive vampire stories from Nebula Award-winning author Eugie Foster:

There is an enchanted castle where a golden princess languishes in her rose-strewn bower, waiting for her prince charming. But the princess sleeps with a black wood stake through her heart, and her petal-soft lips conceal a pair of razor fangs.

A violated woman’s vengeance spawns a blighted curse upon the world.  

A near-future urban cityscape is the base for shock troops that only come out at night to vie in a cyberpunk turf war of technology and power.

William’s heart thrums in his chest, a rhythm his mistress abhors. Not dead enough, not cold enough to walk the night at her side, but too bloodthirsty to dwell with men.

Waiting in the wings backstage, Cybele is inspiration incarnate, a lissome goddess who metes out passion, releasing the words and melodies that seethe, locked in Rail’s mind. She is everything he desires, and gives him everything he’s ever dreamed of having. But she requires payment, her fair due.


Eugie Foster’s darkly fantastic take on the origins of the vampire…This is a wonderful story, the other standout of the issue…Foster is meant for great things.
—James Palmer, Tangent


Eugie Foster’s vampire stories have everything a good vampire story needs to have…The author is a great story-teller, who pays attention to details, creates great characters, and uses a highly enjoyable style. Her choice of words and her use of language gives a very special flavour to these writings, which makes it hard to put this book down. For those who enjoy vampire fiction, this book is highly recommended.
—Ilona Hegedus, Novelspot

these two vampire short stories are beautifully written and darkly unsettling, each with a twist on accepted conventions that makes them at once familiar and new…Beautiful, and recommended.
—Amanda A. Gannon, Shadow Muse: Naamah’s Journal


The Few, the Proud, the Leech Corps’ mixes elements from different genres, and while technology and urban guerrilla tactics certainly play a role in the action parts of this graphic story, it is the immortal fascination with vampires and the attractive, sensual imagery associated with them that captivates… reminiscent of one of David Cronenberg’s nightmarish scenes.
—Yael Artom, Tangent


Combining elements of Sleeping Beauty and vampire tales, Ascendancy of Blood is a quick, sharply-told, gorgeously-described chapbook by up-and-coming author, Eugie Foster. Her strength here lies in the lush prose and seductive imagery that permeates the pages.
—Michael M. Jones, SF Site

Ascendancy of Blood is Eugie Foster’s retelling of the fairy tale, ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ But this retelling is sinister, a children’s tale no more, fraught with peril and filled with blood.
—Michael Gabriel Bailey, Tangent

A refreshing look at a traditional tale. Eugie Foster has written an enchanting little tale that keeps the reader interested until the very last word.
—Lesley, The Eternal Night

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  1. Please repost when create space option is up and running. Would love to get in hard copy.

  2. Jacob C says:

    I can’t wait to read them as soon as I get some chunk of free time. Thanks for publishing it, Eugie!

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