Tweets for the Week of 10-21-2013

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9 Responses to Tweets for the Week of 10-21-2013

  1. :: fires off another blast of Hang In There, Eugie ::

  2. Amy Herring says:

    Just checking in, hope

  3. Amy Herring says:

    , hugs, too. fumble fingers. It’s Monday!:-)

  4. Many huggles… many gentle huggles…

  5. would that we could suffer the pain in your place…

  6. Eugie Foster says:

    *hugs* Thanks, Scott, but I wouldn’t wish this on anyone I care about.

  7. Anne O'Connor says:

    Huggles are the best, because they are hugs with snuggles. And we can do it from a distance, so we don’t bump you too hard.

  8. Hang in there — we’re all rooting for you.

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